Three days battle in Bui county between Cameroon forces and Bui Warriors

Sop- Dzekwa LGA Bui County 29-09-21

The longest battle in Bui for 3 days and counting :

Standoff at Sop

Bui warriors are still holding the heavily armed military convoy at Sop a neighborhood in Jakiri in what might be termed as one of the longest battle entering day 3 non stop: The Military Helicopter also came to play its part to scare the warriors away in vain and could not stay long for fear of being blown off by the warriors:

This military convoy has taken 3 days from Wainama the border village with Ngoketunjia with the hope of joining their colleagues in Kumbo in vain : The warriors starting breaking them down from Wainama Monday 27-09-21 forcing some to return to Ngoketunjia for more back up that arrived 28-08-21 where they transferred their aggression on kids shooting at least 2 : They forced their way with some of their casualties to Jakiri, chief town of that LGA with attempts to continue to Kumbo in vain:
The warriors had been on guard since then battling it out with them as the battle continued this morning: The military left Jakiri for Kumbo early this morning in a convoy of close to 20 cars but got grounded by Bui warriors at Mile 55 Nkar 3km away from Jakiri: Luck stroke on them as the battery to the explosives planted to bury all of them ran out as it was not fully charged due to their delay:

They managed to move another 2km since morning from Nkar to Sop the next village where the warriors are on live battle with them as we report : They are all stuck and even those that were moving on foot ran to the armored cars for safety after seeing some of their falling down like flies :
It will be another long night and we can only pray for these brave warriors who are standing strong to to protect and defend our people :
Those that invaded Kikaikom yesterday escaped last night with their casualties as well to join those that trekked this morning from Melim to Sop: Their aim was to surprise and round the warriors from multiple fronts but the reverse has become true :
Let all stand up and assistance the emergency assistance for Bui, even farmers should provide them food; while our informants should step up their intelligence: The footages below should explain more the severity of the 3 days battle and motivate us all to act now and immediately:

Meanwhile Kumbo town should be on high alert as they have unleashed more of their men this evening as they are spotted descending the hills of Tobin: 26 Military vehicles are expected to touch base soon: We are yet to know if they want to attack the town this night or are moving towards Sop to rescue their colleagues but all need to be on serious high alert irrespective of their move :

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