The Bui Unity warriors hit Biya’s military harder today at Sop- Bui County

Sop- Dzekwa LGA Bui County 22-07-22
Heavy casualties should be expected on the side of the Biya’s military terrorists as the Bui Unity warriors are already sending a strong message to the French President Macron who is expected Monday evening in La Rep.
The Unity warriors of at least three barracks attacked and hit two of the 5 military vehicles that were leaving Bui to ferry more military into the county from Mezam and Ngoketunjia respectively :

The attack occurred as the locally made explosive (IED) known as Manyi was used to hit the armored cars as they least expected : The Military vehicles had devices that disconnected the network to give them a safe journey but they were wrong as the Unity warriors keep coming up with more devices that counter their plans . The gunshots were fierce that villagers ran helter skelter for their dear lives.

The drivers plying the Kumbo Bamenda road have confirmed the frustrations and mourning on the side of the military as they are stranded in Jakiri while awaiting back up to sail them through :

We continue to appreciate the bravery of the Unity warriors and appeal to all to come to their aid and assist them financially and with materials to liquidate these thugs that only bring pain and misery to our people : SM

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