A Brief History of the people of Taa Bah Kingomen

The people of Taa Bah are originally Ndzeen people who escaped from the Barah Nyam raids and wars and settled in a remote area called Nchang in Bah. Most of the Tikari Fondoms are founded by princes who were aspiring for Fonship. Probably, the Nse-en was a prince of Ndzeen who left Ndzeen to Bah because of his Fonship aspirations.

When the Ndzeen people went to perform their traditional sacrifices in a place called Nso’long Bah, they saw the Nse-en and his people suffering from famine and poor health, and they took them to the Ndzeen palace. Since they were Ndzeen people, they were speaking the same language (Lam Ndzeen) at that time.

When Nse-en proclaimed to the Ndzeen people that he was a Nse-en, which in Ndzeen language means Fon, the Fon of Ndzeen then sent his people to Bah to verify the allegations.

The Fon’s entourage came back with an affirmation that he was truly a Nse-en. The Fon of Ndzeen then allocated a piece of land for him and his people in Bamkov. After settling in Bamkov, Nse-en and his people left Bamkov because of malaria illness and settled in Taa Bah Kingomen, and the Fon of Ndzeen gave Nse-en and his people a plantation of raffia palm for their needs.

In the past, Nse-en was a Kibam ke Fon Ndzeen. Through his humility, the Fon of Ndzeen and some Fons of Nso elevated him from Nse-en to a Fon. Linguistically, Nse-en in Ndzeen means Fon. The Nse-en of Taa Bah Kingomen now operates as full Fondom with their own Nwerong and Ngiri. The Nwerong and Ngiri of Taa Bah were initiated by the people of Ndzeen.

Every new Fon of Taa Bah Kingomen must present himself at Ndzeen Palace for official recognition and ancestral blessings from the Fon of Ndzeen.

This is what was taking place in the images above in Nto’ Ndzeen on the 2nd of June 2021. The occasion was championed by Fon Sunjo I of Ndzeen. Societal change is inevitable and we must learn to accept and prevent some changes, and live as one Great Nso Family.

Some Wirfon might not agree with this brief history of Taa Bah people, but you can present your own alternative facts. These numerous Fondoms of Nso make up the Great Nso Kingdom. Moreover, without these smaller Fondoms, the Fon of Nso will not be called the Paramount Fon of Nso.

Long Live the Great People of Nso Kingdom.

Plagiarism of this brief history of the people of Taa Bah is prohibited.

By Fon Kong

Reactions to the post above “From Another Forum “

The author has fallen with this version from the skies to attempt to justify why a Nsi’en can hibernate into a Fon overnight! So the only Ndze’en word that was jealousy shelved to be unveiled in 2016 is Nsien = Fon?? What was their appellations for Ntoh, Nwerong and Ngiri that they strive so much to forcefully run?

The controversy surrounding this enthronement has cast so much doubt that a con man has produced the above “history” and delivered to our beloved Fon Kong who simply published without any reference or source. It gives the impression that he had a phone discussion with a Dzeen or Taabá person who narrated these wishful thoughts.

We have got “refined historians” springing from all angles in Nso these days. After all a “Wan Nsai” just reminded us some weeks back in a PhD thesis audio that we should return to Sudan where we came from😂😂

Rejoinder of what I wrote in Lamnso in response to Wo Shwér’s “Sunrise” in Taabá Kingomen. Now I put it in English.

We have never had a Fon nor Palace in Taabá Kingomen, Gwàn Kishiy, Tèv Mbah and Doh Kitiwum (what was called Jéng). We have 2 Nsiens: 1 in Gwan and the other in Taabá. We certainly know the rationale behind the sudden and rapid creation of Palaces around the Nso Fondom. Only a naive Kimbo/Nso woman or man is not aware of the hidden agenda behind this meanness. Propagating false news is giving reason to it. The Nsi’en Wo Taabá who just passed away was enthroned at Fahjang Compound by virtue of the all Traditional Rights and Rules that compelled him to the exercise. It has been so and it had never changed! He later went and bún the Fon of Nso as Nsien. How comes he has hibernated overnight to become a Fon up to the extend of enthroning another one without the consent of the Fon of Nso?

Are we going to revisit our history and simply enthrone ourselves under fictitious claims? If so then Taakum, Lun Wo Wiy, Ndzendzev and Tsenlah should be warming up to become Palaces and own their Nwerongs and Ngiris.

One day Nwerong shall emerge from an Ibo man’s shop at Mbveh …😢Nyamo!

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