An Eventful month in Kumbo and The Nso Palace

Kumbo is indeed a Blessed Town:

April remains a memorable month for the Folks of Kumbo-Nso Bui Division. It takes only Divine Providence to witness what a town Referred to as Baghdad in the early 90s during the ghost town otherwise remains the “Holy Land” because of its attachment and involvement is Religious activities and a references to Cultural and Traditional heritage.

After the Fon’s return from Babunga where he was saluted by the Muslim community there, came the Easter week that was celebrated in high gear amongst all the Christian Churches in Kumbo and its environs.

Few days later precisely on the 9th of April, Kumbo Cathedral witnessed the Ordination of 4 priests, 2 for the diocese of Kumbo, 2 candidates of the OFM capuchins. The ordinations took place in St Theresa cathedral Kumbo officiated by the Rt Rev George Nkuo.

The Ordination paved the way for the Mayor’s day on  Monday the 13th of April 2015 marking the 10th Edition.
The Mayor of Kumbo Council Mr Njong Donatus Fonyuy reached out and communed with the less privileged of the Municipality by providing them with some basic needs such as soap, food stuff, clothing, health care, school fees, office equipment, etc. 

A Day later, which is the 14th of April, some of the Newly Ordained priests were in St Aloysius Minor Seminary, Kitiwum – Kumbo as ex-students  in an act of thanksgiving to God and to the institution. They were Frs Leo Ndanjong, Parfait Cheo and Lesley Fonye of the Archdiocese of Bamenda, Frs Paul Yong, Emile Bunila of the Diocese of Kumbo.

Kumbo Priests

Rev Fr Emile Bunila with roots from the Royal Family on the 15th of April Celebrated his First Mass at the Fon’s Palace with “Father”, HRM the Fon of Nso playing not only an important and participatory role but also grasped the opportunity to receive God’s Blessing’s through the hands of the Newly Ordained. A First mass that did not only witness a huge congregation but a flock of priests who stormed the Palace Hall to pray with their brother and colleague Rev Emile.

Last week, the Fon was busy communing with the Christians of Presbyterian Faith, when more than fifteen chiefs from Monatele in the south region stormed the palace.

According to Bulami Edward who is also accredited for some of the images, “They came to pay a visit to the senior divisional officer for Bui NZEKI Theophile, who had served in their place for five years.” The SDO Then took them to receive traditional Blessings from the King and they were granted a VIP Reception, reserved only for the Royals.
The Month has not ended yet, Rev Fr Cornelius Safe A Kumbo Diocesan Priest on further studies in the UK and Rev Fr Dufe Joseph (Wo Milan) A Teacher at the St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary (STAMS) and Parish Priest of Sop Parish of the Capuchin order shall be celebrating their 15th Anniversaries as priests respectively ordained on the 28th of April 2000 by the then Bishop Cornelius Fontem Esua.

Apart from the above Blessed kumbo News gathered, The Grasslander Newspaper enumerated on other happens in the Kumbo municipality as you can see from the Cover Page of the Newspaper where the highlighted the following activities that took and still taking place in Kumbo.



“Ok Clean Water and Caritas to ensure community water schemes are properly managed, the Support of Buifoot to School Games, Renewed Dream for Kumbo Strikers with coach Festus Koaban, plus the Dethronment of a Compound Head by the Fon of Nso. SHUMAS Cameroon continues to touch the lives of many through the handing of Roh Kimbo Bridge and Support to Dom Health Centre in Noni. Last but not the least, they highlighted the development side of CPDM 30th Anniversary celebrations in Bui with PM urging Oku to Protect Forest, Dr Yaa Lydia Fondufe Distributing Maize Seeds to Farmers and FCFA 2.5M raised by BUI I-A CPDM to support government’s fight against Boko Haram”. 

By Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)

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