Africa Denmark Diaspora Rally (ADDR) is the Platform Organization for Africans in Denmark:
The vision of the Africa Denmark Diaspora Rally is to provide a leadership with a common voice for mobilizing and unifying the African community in Denmark.

Our  mission  is  to  strengthen  the  collaboration  and  create  a  synergy  between  the  African
organizations/associations in Denmark.

Our goal is to have a reliable platform that promotes the contribution of the Africans in Denmark to act as a development  actor  for Africa through  the  establishment  of  an  African  Denmark  Diaspora  platform.

Objectives of the Africa Denmark Diaspora Rally

● Provide support in the establishment of a functioning Danish platform of African organisations working on issues related to Africans.

● Improve  coordination,  communication  and  corporation  of  activities  undertaken  by  African

organisations,  through the development  of tools and mechanism to share information, knowledge and expertise.

● Enhance capacities of African organisations to meaningfully participate in the development process in Africa by building strategic partnerships. (Act as a bridge between Denmark and Africa)

● Build a strong network and link with other African experts and organisations to avoid duplication and foster dialogue and communication.

● Build trust, transparency and accountability.

● To promote development, education and culture through various activities.

● To express the views/opinions of Africans living in Denmark through various communication channels.

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