All LGAs in Bui County turned out massively to celebrate southern Cameroons Independence despite Cameroon’s military deployment

Bui County stands tall when it comes to doing what they believe in: Today all LGAs in Bui County came out massively to commemorate 1st October which is southern Cameroons Independence Day despite the heavy military deployment by The Biya regime: Ambazonian flags were hoisted all over the County .

Bui celebrate in Kikaikom (K3) for Kumbo LGA, Vekovi for Dzekwa, Dzeng for Ngwen, Kuvlu for Nkum etc. Each LGA had at least 3000 -5000 participants to start with.

The military did not stop their usual intimidation, First they shot at Tobin, then Mbve where two were seriously injured, then they went to Shisong hospital and rendered hundreds of bullets as patients hid under the beds : They tried the St Augustine Junction and when they realized that the event was at Kikaikom, they took off for the destination but unfortunately for them their truck fell in a pit the warriors had prepared for them: This took them close to 3 hours to seek for back up but by the time this assistance could come, our people were done with march past and celebrations : Scandy Media platform took rounds and came with as many images as possible :

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