An open letter to the UN Secretary General Guterres Antonio by Maurice Kamto president elect of Cameroon

Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon renaissance movement (CRM) and Christian Penda Ekoka all political prisoners in an open letter to the UN SG Antonio Guterres express disappointment and dissatisfaction over the rule the UN plays in Cameroon.

He says he is losing faith in the UN SG as they are skeptical about the role being played to bring bring and justice in Cameroon : Maurice Kamto has been in jail for 8 months arrested by Cameroon regime for a peaceful march protest which saw him and hundreds of his militants in jail:

The jailing Of Kamto and his militants is a continuous tool the regime uses to crack down any peaceful demonstrations : Southern Cameroons up to 3000 have also been in jail for similar reasons yet the world has remained mute and accused of being accomplices : They end up by questioning the credibility of the UN Secretary General

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