Another deadly attack on Biya’s military forces by the Bui Unity warriors at Yer

Yer & Wainama – Dzekwa LGA Bui County 17-07-22
Another frustrated day for Biya’s military forces that arrived and patrolled the Kumbo Babessi road today. They ran away from the Bui Unity warriors throwing away and abandoning some bullets/cartridges in favor of the Unity warriors .
They have been patrolling the Kumbo Babessi road in 2 groups of at least four vehicles each : Our warriors tried hitting the cars with “Manyi” but got disappointed twice maybe as their cars could detect the device and cease the network . But there is always an alternative which is to open fire 🔥 and face them with bravery .

The same and similar incident happened between Sop and Yer where another contingent of Unity warriors awaited them. As soon as the “Manyi” disappointed due to network cut , the Unity warriors from at least three warriors barracks trapped them for open confrontations.

These military ran away when the heat was too hot for them as some of their bullets fell and some abandoned in the gutters to the favor of the warriors :

As we report, they have converged again at Babessi and just passed Wainama and Jakiri to come for retaliation against those in Yer and Sop who overpowered them , the civilians are advised to take serious security measures and let the Unity warriors do the job as usual : Our role is to support and assist them: It is now very clear that these hundreds of military sent might not live to tell the story .

The situation in Djottin has not changed that much but for the fact that some civilians arrested and beaten terribly are receiving treatment while others abducted are still held by them : They are now based in 4 places including the GHS building. We are told they have extended their mission towards Din where civilians are also arrested . Our civilians should stay away from them . They are evil and devilish : SM

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