Another fierce battle in Kikaikelaki and Mendzem in Kumbo this morning by ADF of Bui warriors

For two days in a roll the ADF unit of Yelum led by General Hassan have been into action in Kikaikelaki K4 to rescue the population from the Cameroon colonial terrorists who seem to chosen these localities as the ground for their battles. Wars have been fought in Kumbo but the ones in the village of Cardinal Tumi and it’s environs have been fierce and many:

For close to 12 months, the population of the Bamkikai Tatum ring road axis have fought every forth night if not weekly. General Hassan of the ADF wing was the first to stand to defend population in Bui and has been doing so up till date. He is known for peace than scores settlement. Of all the alleged atrocities on ADF in Bui, he stands tall and clean from them and one of those commanders that are always in the battle field.

If we are hailing him today, it is simply because of another great outing this morning which makes him the General that has fought most of the battles in the whole of Ambazonia. The statistics today stand clear . We have been taking records and this was exceptional as his intervention was timely stopping the colonial terrorists from inflicting more pain:

General Hassan a Bui warrior from the ADF unit arrived Kikaikelaki this morning when the military burnt down a bike, broke into shops, homes & looted, razed down some homes and went to Mendzem where they have the community school and razed it down as well.
His men intervened to stop them and a fierce battle began: We are told back up came from other camps and the terrorists of la Rep were able to pull themselves out from the quarters to the Main Street at Wai Ngoylum.
since the atmosphere is tense, we are still unable to report on any casualties but we are told the severe battle lasted for close to 2 hrs . We congratulate the Bui warriors for coming to the rescue of the civilians .

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