Appointments: President Biya Blunders again

President Biya appoints some Anglophones to the posts of Secretary General at the Governor’s office and some  Prefects, removing some Francophones from some Anglophone Regions and bringing in some Anglophones. The Francophones brought into the English regions are those with an english background. This goes to confirm the speculations that we reported 2days ago about the use of appointments to satisfy the Anglophones.

These decrees are circulating all the social media with whatsapp groups sharing the audios as well.

From the comments made online, i  understand that this is not what the Anglophone crisis is about and that many say that they are not after positions…But…This goes a long way to show the impact this strike has made so far…Some did not believe when we wrote that the president shall be using appointments to fight the struggle. Many claim that had long passed that stage and are at a level of restoration and not appointments;  But you know what? He just blundered by signing them only in the French Language as usual, another evidence of Marginalization. This is just the beginning. Has this got to do with any of the demands of the Anglophones?

Talking to one guy Mr Kinga Damasius, that shared the papers with me, he said president Biya is very consistent and that is why all his decrees are signed in French. He went further to remind that “these appointments have no relevance…It only shows how the enterprise of President Biya Paul and his family have been divinised.” He added that “He and his company are so gullible that they can’t read the handwriting on the wall; It hurts to be so dull and so insensitive”.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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