Assistant SDO for Wouri Bans the SDF Demonstration

The SDO for Wouri has responded to the SDF MP for Wouri East rejecting his request for a demonstration and a rally to brief the public on Federalism and National untiy.

In a letter dated 22nd February 2017 signed by Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu, SDF MP for Wouri East informing the authorities of his Division of a peaceful march in the division to sensitize the public on the issue of Federalism and National Unity precisely in Bepanda. This is to take place on the 4th of March 2017.

In Cameroon, most responses to events are never received within a short period of time, but considering the sensitivity of the the Theme, the Assistant SDO for Wouri responded in less than 48 hrs with a No reply, banning the said Rally/Manifestation.

The million dollar question is; since Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu was merely informing the authorities citing the law that gives them the right to do so, shall the no nonsense MP of SDF go ahead to hold is rally despite the Ban or bow to the ban? Hon.¬†Jean Michel Nintcheu is known for his love for the people and out-spoken nature especially in 2012 when he attacked the president of the country on his¬†immunity. He is also referred to as “A man of the people for revolution”

pic credit Amabo's blog

pic credit Amabo’s blog

some schools of thought hold that, the reason of banning the above mentioned strike is due to the Anglophone struggle that might get the Francophone involved and this might make things worse for the Government as the involvement of other regions will directly lead to National crisis.

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