At least 5 people have been killed in kumbo by the Cameroon military force

Corner Water & Kumbo – Bui County 29-05-22 : The sad and disheartening news says at 5 persons have been killed including one fighter and 4 innocent civilians by Cameroon forces following the surprise attack on a checkpoint at Mbveh– Kumbo mounted by some of the Bui Warriors :

The Scandy Media learnt that heavy gunshots were heard simultaneously at Corner Water in Mbve and kumbo the main town: We are yet to get details of what provoked the attack but we are told the Bui Warriors were either on patrol or check points when the military surprised them and gun heavy exchanges started : At the moment at least 4 civilians are said to be victims and 1 warrior (Emergency)making a total of 5: We do not know if there are casualties on the side of the military yet but were told they came in through Brigade and the warriors fought back fiercely : One of civilians killed is a barber working towards BBH, another a bike rider and 2 others who were sharing a drink where Emergency was ambushed : Those warriors doing control escaped unharmed as no bullet could penetrate them .

This is why we keep encouraging our Bui warriors to either collaborate or join with their brothers of the Unity warriors in order to back each other although the Unity warriors are involved in the invasions in Gwarkang and Sop respectively: We will not get tired of appealing to a coming together of our warriors to liberate our land. May the soul of Commander Emergency and the departed civilians RIP. Victory is sure : SM

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