At least 8 military trucks sneaked into Sop and Gwarkang

Sop & Gwarkang – Dzekwa 29-05-22 : The kumbo Jakiri stretch & environs is heavily militarized as early as 2am today Sunday 29-05-22 while dozens of civilians have been arrested in Mbah/Gwarkang village where they are burning properties :

They came in at least 7-8 vehicles and a caterpillar where they stood at Rohntong covering Mensai & mile 55 Nkar: As early as 5am, a drone was flown to map the as the unity warriors always on guard monitored: Initially the warriors thought they wanted to invade Vekovi and environs only for them to realize that they came from multiple fronts as Mbah/Gwarkang village woke up also invaded with dozens of civilians arrested and many trapped:

We are those in Gwarkang came in through Buuy village : Civilians are called upon to be on high alert as almost the whole of that area is still heavily militarized. Back up from the unity warriors should also communicate and use safety paths to avoid bumping into them. The unity warriors of Bui need our continuous support: please share to protect and defend our civilians : SM

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