At least one Biya’s military killed in Kumbo this morning as they invaded some quarters

Tsendzev; Jem, Bamkikai – Kumbo 03-06-21

At least 1 Biya’s Military force is confirmed dead and several injured following a battle between them and Kumbo East Warriors this morning led by one of the Bui warriors Captain. Those injured have been rushed to the hospital while the warriors are kicking and strong waiting in case of any reprisal or back up from the enemy. This happened in a quarter known as Tsendzev below country side in Kumbo.

This morning at least 3 military trucks drove towards the water tank in Bamkikai and spread all over some hiding inside the corn while some went towards Riba (Kishiy). Since some of them know the terrain very well, they quick moved towards St. Augustine’s college Nso and down to PS Kumbo meeting those already aroving the Jem quarter down to Tsendzev below Country side.

The warriros monitored so well and were able to ambush them at Tsendzev where one was neutralized on the spot and several injured. The whole of these areas are still militarized as many have been arrested especially at Jem quarter for ransom. So our people should remain in their hidings until the warriors ask them to come out. We remain grateful for the guard mounted by the warriors 24/7 to protect and defend the population from this barbarism and appealing to continue to provide them with the assistance needed to stop the atrocities . We all know that once they can’t face warriors, they will engage is looting, burnings and destruction and same time killing innocent civilians.

Shey Tatah SM

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