At least two Biya’s military forces neutralized in Jakiri with several seriously injured

Jakiri – Dzekwa LGA 07-04-21

More casualties should be expected from the battle that just took place in Jakiri now at the check point towards or around the Veterinary school/Junction as at least 2 military lost their lives with several seriously wounded . Jakiri is the chief town of Dzekwa LGA in Bui County.

Early this morning the checkpoint was packed with mixed control of Biya’s military terrorists who are taking advantage of the Ordinations tomorrow in Kumbo to extort money from drivers and passengers flocking in from Bamenda and other villages/towns outside Jakiri: This was planned in a council session last week and some days to go out and force money from civilians . The Dzekwa warriors led by the General stormed the check point and disrupted the extortion and exploitation:

As we write, Biya’s forces called for back up but the warriors had done their job and gone : We are advising those plying that stretch to hold on and make sure it is safe before continuing their journey in and out of Jakiri as they will always come for reprisal to face but the innocent civilians as they can’t face the warriors: This should serve as a warning to those traitors in Jakiri who are working 24hts with the enemies and killing our people : Those councilors and military going out to collect taxes after last week’s meeting will face the law of Ambazonia: Let’s keep assisting the warriors in their sacrifices of defending and protecting the civilians.

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