At least two military forces have been killed in kumbo with several injured

Bamkikai & Kitiwum – Kumbo LGA 25-07-22

As Biya’s military forces invaded and militarized two LGAs in Bui early this morning, they went ahead to attack two of the Bui Unity warriors barracks and the villages around especially in Kumbo LGA : The military Helicopter 🚁 has just arrived from Donga Mantung to Kumbo to either evacuate their casualties or provide more materials to enforce the military squad and provide more intelligence.

At about 1:40pm Amba time, Bamkikai was heavily attacked by the said military but unfortunately for them the Unity warriors had awaited their invasion . The warriors responded with the same fire power and pushed them them neutralizing one military immediately and several injured .

The military escaped towards Kitiwum as they shot seriously and heavily while retreating : They are said to have met with another fierce resistance from the Unity warriors of Kumbo North but also lucky to have gotten back up from the forces that had been arresting civilians around the environs .

The coming of the military helicopter is suspected to either bail them out and be able to evacuate the casualties or provide any form of assistance . It has not landed yet but we are following closely : More Unity forces are on their way to back the warriors up as well, it has been a long day and it is not ending soon in Kumbo . Civilians arrested this morning from Kishiy and Kitiwum have not yet been released by the military thugs but we are still appealing to the population to give way so the Unity warriors can operate well.
We keep calling for immediate assistance and support to these Unity warriors defending and protecting our people and property daily . SM

uodates : 16:45 Amba Time

Updates from Kumbo – Bui county 25-07-22
From the report below where a military helicopter was dispatched to Kumbo today, the heavy casualties incurred by Biya’s military forces, more 7 more military vehicles are now arriving Kumbo for reprisal : They just passed Dzekwa 20mins ago and should be at Melim by now. civilians should take serious safety measures : SM

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