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Three days battle in Bui county between Cameroon forces and Bui Warriors

Sop- Dzekwa LGA Bui County 29-09-21

The longest battle in Bui for 3 days and counting :

Standoff at Sop

Bui warriors are still holding the heavily armed military convoy at Sop a neighborhood in Jakiri in what might be termed as one of the longest battle entering day 3 non stop: The Military Helicopter also came to play its part to scare the warriors away in vain and could not stay long for fear of being blown off by the warriors:

This military convoy has taken 3 days from Wainama the border village with Ngoketunjia with the hope of joining their colleagues in Kumbo in vain : The warriors starting breaking them down from Wainama Monday 27-09-21 forcing some to return to Ngoketunjia for more back up that arrived 28-08-21 where they transferred their aggression on kids shooting at least 2 : They forced their way with some of their casualties to Jakiri, chief town of that LGA with attempts to continue to Kumbo in vain:
The warriors had been on guard since then battling it out with them as the battle continued this morning: The military left Jakiri for Kumbo early this morning in a convoy of close to 20 cars but got grounded by Bui warriors at Mile 55 Nkar 3km away from Jakiri: Luck stroke on them as the battery to the explosives planted to bury all of them ran out as it was not fully charged due to their delay:

They managed to move another 2km since morning from Nkar to Sop the next village where the warriors are on live battle with them as we report : They are all stuck and even those that were moving on foot ran to the armored cars for safety after seeing some of their falling down like flies :
It will be another long night and we can only pray for these brave warriors who are standing strong to to protect and defend our people :
Those that invaded Kikaikom yesterday escaped last night with their casualties as well to join those that trekked this morning from Melim to Sop: Their aim was to surprise and round the warriors from multiple fronts but the reverse has become true :
Let all stand up and assistance the emergency assistance for Bui, even farmers should provide them food; while our informants should step up their intelligence: The footages below should explain more the severity of the 3 days battle and motivate us all to act now and immediately:

Meanwhile Kumbo town should be on high alert as they have unleashed more of their men this evening as they are spotted descending the hills of Tobin: 26 Military vehicles are expected to touch base soon: We are yet to know if they want to attack the town this night or are moving towards Sop to rescue their colleagues but all need to be on serious high alert irrespective of their move :

Shey Tatah: SM

Announcing the disappearance of the Fon in Nso

As Nso joins the Bamouns to mourn their Fon Sultan Njoya , read this:

Procedures of announcing the #Disappearance of a #Nso #Fon in Nso’ land

Fon Mbinglo

In the Nso Fondom, the disappearance of a Fon is announced with Ngem Wong. If the sun sets in the night as was the case with the last two Nso Fons, Ngah Bi’fon II (1972-1983) and Ngah Bi’fon III (1983-1993), a messenger is sent out as early in the morning as possible to announce the sad news round the town. That is always the first announcement about the sunset. As the population assemble in the Palace, Shigwaala shé Nwerong takes off for Nkar to announce the death to the Nkar Fondom. Other Messengers are sent to other Fondoms for the same purpose.

The #Sultan of Foumban is equally informed, who does everything possible to be present. This was the case with the arrival of Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya, who by 10a.m on September 6, 1993, arrived Ntoh Nso to temporarily take over control of issues in the Nso palace while awaiting the new Sun to rise. This was not however the case in 1972. By then, Nso and Bamoun still had issues to settle over the Nsangu matter, which was only resolve in 1975.

Once the message goes round everyone takes off their caps before going to the Palace. Once assembled, preparations for the burial goes on while the “set sun” is laid in state in the “ngaiy kibvèh” where entry is restricted to initiated members, aTaawong, aYiywong, aTaantoh and Vibai vé Kpu’.

At the Fèm, which is the royal cemetery, the Duiy are busy preparing the fèm for eventual “hiding” (kirè ké liti) of the Fon.

The Ncheelav are excluded completely from any mortuary activity relating to royalty. On the other hand, they are completely in control at sunrise.

When preparations are done and the remains is to be transferred from the ngaiy kibveh to the Fèm for hiding, all ncheelav turn their backs away from the procession to the fèm. Some prefer to enter and hide from temptation in the Nwerong sanctum.

While the hiding is going on, background dispositions are made for eventual succession. This extends to later in the day because the Nso Mntar who had been sent to the four corners of Nso to divine the heir imminent are awaited with their results before a choice is made.

Meanwhile the Fonmakers must have alerted Nwerong on the potential successors.

When finally the new Sun rises Nwerong then resounds to announce the good news.

Nwerong equally takes the lead to ma’ kpu’.

This write-up is meant to clarify the misconception that Nwerong announces the setting of the Sun in the Nso Fondom. Nwerong, rather, announces to other friendly and sisterly fondoms. Nchiselav are sent to the different directions of the Division and beyond to announce on behalf of Nwerong the news.

The picture shows the mourning of Fon Sehm III (Mbinglo) in 1972.

Fonyuy E. Bulami

A Protestant parish priest kills his wife in Denmark

Hillerød- Denmark 03-08-21: A Protestant Parish priest Thomas Gotthard today in a court in Hillerød recounts how he killed his wife and kept the body in a 208 liter feed barrel in a locked shed before later burning her bones in October 2020 :

The 45-year-old parish priest Thomas Gotthard planned the murder of his wife, Maria From Jakobsen, with whom he has two children.
It appears from a request for a court hearing, which will be read out on Tuesday afternoon at the Court in Hillerød.
Prior to that, Thomas Gotthard on Tuesday confessed to the murder in a so-called internal court hearing behind closed doors.

This means that the case can now begin as a confession case. Here, the motion for a hearing serves as an indictment. Thus, there may be a verdict today, Tuesday.
According to the petition, Thomas Gotthard planned to kill Maria From Jakobsen and killed her by hitting her hard in the back of the head with a stone, causing her to lose consciousness. It happened in the couple’s garden.
Afterwards, he held her with his hands to his nose and mouth for several minutes until she died.

Thomas Gotthard acknowledges all aspects of the court application, says defense attorney Jesper Storm Thygesen.

Indecent handling of corpses:
This also applies to indecent treatment of corpses.
After the murder, Thomas Gotthard kept the body in a 208 liter feed barrel in a locked shed.
On the night between 26 and 27 October last year, he moved the barrel to an abandoned country estate in Ølstykke. Here he drenched the feed barrel with no less than 45 liters of hydrochloric acid and 6-7 kilos of caustic soda for the purpose of dissolving the corpse.

On November 2, he buried the body in Sundbylille. But on November 4, he dug up the body and dismembered it into smaller pieces, which he tried to burn.
On November 7, he buried burnt bones from Maria From Jakobsen in Sundbylille.

Problems in marriage
Prosecutor Anne-Mette Seerup reads out in court from the explanation given by Thomas Gotthard behind closed doors.
It appears that he and Maria From Jakobsen had problems in the marriage, and that he had had an affair with another woman, whom he was “wildly in love with”.

Thomas Gotthard had previously been married and did not have good experiences with getting divorced.
It is a defeat not to stand by the fact that you have said yes to each other, the prosecutor reads out. It would also be difficult for the kids and it would be awkward with two ex-wives.
Thomas Gotthard began to plan how he could get rid of his wife.
He fought an inner battle with his own moral compass to kill his wife, but he had made it all clear and it had to be carried out, he explained.

  • Maria was going to die because he wanted peace for her. He was under pressure and wanted peace, the prosecutor reads out.
    When the prosecutor has finished reading aloud, Judge Thomas Gotthard asks if he can stand that explanation.
    The parish priest, who is over two meters tall, leans forward to the microphone on his table and says:
  • Yes it’s true.

Decided to confess
43-year-old Maria From Jakobsen disappeared on the morning of October 26 last year and was reported missing by her sister the next day.
Initially, her husband explained that she had left the couple’s home in Frederikssund in a depressed state. But about three weeks later, he was arrested and charged with killing his wife.
On April 27 this year, Thomas Gotthard was charged with murder and for disposing of the body that had not yet been found.

Earthly remains of Maria From Jakobsen were not found until 3 June, after Thomas Gotthard had led the police to the site in Sundbylille near Frederikssund, where the couple lived. Thus, after DNA analyzes, the police could finally conclude that Maria From Jakobsen was dead.
For seven months, Thomas Gotthard had pleaded not guilty. But while he was in custody, he met with his family, and it was decisive that he decided to confess, he explained in court on Tuesday.
He thought of Maria From Jakobsen’s family and knew how much it means for the bereaved to bury their loved ones.
Therefore, he went around his defender and told it all to the police, it appears from the court request.

Requires 15 years in prison
Prosecutor Anne-Mette Seerup believes that Thomas Gotthard should not be sentenced to less than 15 years in prison.
She justifies this with the fact that he decided to kill Maria From Jakobsen a week before the murder. That he carefully planned and prepared for the killing. And that he took seriously his plans “the fateful Monday morning”.
According to the prosecutor, Thomas Gotthard had been not only skilled, but so skilled that he could have escaped with murder. There is also no doubt that he took advantage of his trusted position as a priest, she believes.

  • There was no one who initially imagined that a priest had killed his wife, says Anne-Mette Seerup.

Original story in danish by Emil Færch (then google translation)

International Red Cross Committee visits The Fon of Ndzeen

Ndzeen palace – Kumbo 24-06-21 International committee of the Red Cross in Ntoh Ndzeen ie Ndzeen palace today 24th June 2021.

This comes barely after 2 weeks the palace was invaded by French Cameroon military forces who ramshackle the palace including secret and sacred places reserved only for the gods and the initiated : We are yet if this was a fact finding mission or just a mere friendly mission based on personal relationship as the Fon is the former 2nd deputy Mayor of Kumbo under the SDF party :

The Biya’s regime, brought out a fake communique asking for the arrest of the Fon claiming he was on his way to exile in Nigeria. If there is anything to debunk that news then it is this visit : We promise to update this post as soon as details are made :

The Bui Colonial delegate of education does not admit but recruits students

Kumbo 21-06-21: The Bui Divisional Delegate of Education says he wants to recruit students :

Now we know this should be about child abuse because they might need them in the military definitely not in schools as we do not recruit students but admit them in Ambazonia:

The school year will be another fiasco unless there is a conducive environment for our children to study ; you can’t be sending military armored cars and tankers to kill parents, and children then want to claim to educate their children ; how do you educate children to kill? You are burning down villages and expect children to live in the bushes and attend schools which you will in turn burn to fan the crisis for your personal benefits : We love education more than you but we value our lives more:

No one will force us let our children killed ; Kumba massacre is still in my minds; ceasefire ; demilitarize our land, release parents of kids whose children need education, stop razing down our villages and our children will go to school without any condition : Anything short of this is vain:

Shey Tatah Sevidzem (SM)