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Cameroon military presence forces the Kumbo population to close shops second executive day:

Kumbo 13-11-19: At least 3 Cameroon forces have been shot today in Mbve Kumbo commercial town for terrorizing the population two days in a roll.

Two military trucks drove to Mbve through squares the main town while two others drove through Tobin the Administrative town where they met at Mbve the main market causing panic and forcing the traders to close their shops .

Some say they came to pull down the Ambazonian flags hovering around the park in the market : Many wonder why it will take the military days to keep coming disrupting the daily activities: The fired gunshots sporadically calling the attention of the restoration forces (Bui Warriors) . The military has vowed that life can not return to normal another said as reason they keep terrorizing the population each time they are going about their normal lives.

The Bui warriors arrived the scene and the gun battle was fierce. Our reporter says at least 3 Cameroon colonial terrorists were shot and injured but was not sure if any died at the time of exchange .

The military were are told in frustration left the market scene and drove angrily towards Jakiri. Their destination not know but many are of the opinion that back up and reprisal might be the next move.

We also learnt that new Amba flags are flying back after the military removed them an hour ago.

The story is still breaking .
Scandy media platform

The Cameroon military scares the population with their presence in Kumbo

Kumbo 12-11-19: Today at exactly 12:45 noon at least two Cameroon military trucks disrupted the Kumbo main market with their appearance as the population closed down their shops and escaped to safety.

The people of Kumbo are conscious and aware of the barbarism and atrocities melted upon them by forces of Biya regime and have vowed to take safety measures each time they come in contact with:

Early this afternoon, about 12:45 noon, two trucks approached the market from Corner water and the population took to their heels based on past experience. It is very common that the military presence in Bui and Southern Cameroons as a whole has brought untold number of painful stories.

An Ambazonian flag flown at the market at their arrival: No one has given reason for their presence but at the time of press, no casualties were recorded yet. We are aware that the military often break into shops and loot . This is a developing story.

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President Paul under massive protests in Paris by BAS




1- La porte de l’hôtel Maurice cassée à la suite d’un affrontement entre la BAS et la sécurité présidentielle

2- Près de 500 policiers appelés en renfort

3- La sécurité présidentielle a ramené des liquide brûlants qu’ils ont versés sur les manifestants

4- Paul Biya recroquevillé dans son hôtel ( hôtel Meurice)

5- circulation paralysée

6- La police a établit un corridor entre les manifestants et l’hôtel de Paul Biya.

7- Plusieurs éléments de la BAS arrivent en renfort

Boris Bertolt

Some Red Cross officials arrested by gunmen in Kumbo while a gun battle was taking place at the Kumbo- Tatum axis.

Kumbo 07-11-19: About 7 military vehicles ( 3 trucks, 3 armored cars & a caterpillar) from Kumbo went towards Tatum while about 4 other military trucks came from Ndu and merged around Mah with the intention of Installing the DO for Nkum who should have been installed two weeks ago.

The Cameroon military as usual provoked and intimated the population as they drove on the Kumbo Tatum ring road number 11. The Bui warriors led by General Manu Tiger took the battle from Mah to stop the barbarism of the colonial forces while other Generals backed up from Kikaikelaki:

At least 2 Colonial forces lost their lives and many wounded while in Mah two “Manyis” were mounted and only one succeeded to do the job causing serious damage on the side of the military: An eye witness told Scandy media that the pull of blood seen on the scene might lead to many casualties: Many of the Cameroon forces have been rushed to the hospital:

The military has been at Kikaikelaki since 4pm until 6pm and with anger breaking into homes and ended up burning some: One of the victims who compound was razed down at a quarter in Taa Viban is Modasiru of K4.

Meanwhile, as the Bui forces were on action as reported above, some gun men stopped and arrested some “ International Red Cross Observers” who were in Bui to measure the temperatures:

There is serious confusion as to who Could carry such unspeakable arrest bearing in mind that these Red Cross members met with the Coordinators and leaders of the Bui warriors yesterday who examined them, took their passports and found out that their trip was genuine and wish them well:

Upon their return, we are told they were picked up and rumor has it that they were taken toward Kwarkang. Serious investigations are going on and the Bui warriors have send in a disclaimer, condemning whoever did the arrest:
They have called for their immediate release :

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La Rep du Cameroon forces are out to eliminate any ex soldier on retirement in Ambazonia:

Sop- Kumbo 04-11-19: An ex soldier was killed early today in Sop by Cameroon forces accusing him of training the Ambazonian restoration forces.

The colonial forces broke into his house as early as 5 am, shot and killed instantly then escaped the scene to set confusion so the population could accuse the Amba fighters but unfortunately the gunshots woke some up who looked through the window and spotted who they were:

This is coming at the time the regime is still come in terms that they have not been able to crush the Ambazonians a war they thought would take just weeks. The loss incurred by the so called professionally trained regular army has obliged them to put the blame on the ex soldiers for their failures.
They have now vowed to Kill any retired soldier residing in the southern Cameroons territory believing that they are the ones training the restoration forces.
The case today in Sop should serve as lesson to other retired military to take extra security measures for themselves.
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