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The Untold Massacre in Yelum-Banten in Bui County by Biya’s military forces as at least 6 civilians have been murdered

Yelum- Banten Nkum LGA : The Governor of the North west region, his agents and military security in Cameroon secretly instituted another “Operation Keep Bui Clean” through a thorough but silent genocide where civilians are either trapped, abducted then later executed and thrown in the bushes. Sometimes once they kill these civilians, they put guns of them or force them to hold guns before the execution to baptize them as “Amba fighters”.

On saturday the 25th of June, Biya’s Military forces invaded Yelum Village where several homes were razed down as well as some Ambazonian Defense forces were neutralized. The went ahead to abducted civilians torturing many while some were whisked away. We later learnt 7 of the abducted civilians were taken to the forest where 6 were feared dead until confirmed yesterday. The most painful part is that of a certain Suleman abducted amongst who had 4 of his family members murdered.

Other members we learnt were neutralized were Abdel, Hamza & Sahnyuy. They were shot and guns placed on them and dumped in the bushes. We spoke to one local who had this to say ” Yes it is now confirmed that Sule and three chidren of his late elder brother have been brutally murdered. It was a shock yesterday as Mr. Sule was laid to rest with three children of his brother and one of his wives collapsed and now at the health centre. Total number of lives lost is at 5 at the moment while the search continues”.

They went further to state that the Imam of the Banten mosque was terribly beaten and at the verge of being shot until a little child shouted before he was let go now attending to medical care. Talking to another local, he confirmed that Sule’s wife said to have been killed has been released . “Info reaching me today says that the missing wife of Sule and child Shaidu have also been found”.

The genocide going on in Bui targeting only civilians has been unnoticed likewise the war in Ambazonia is under reported. Just Last week a similar massacre took place in Takui a village after Kitiwum, in which 4 civilians were murdered and as days passed by more were being discovered in the bushes at the stage of decomposition.

The use of force to resolve the crisis in Southern Cameroons Ambazonia is what has led to thousand of lives lost and yet the international community seems to be enjoying these killings. We reached out to the people on the ground in Bui and their resolve is that any citizen should run away each time there is a glimpse of the military as they are bad news. They have brought untold pain to the population so much so that all are encourage to pick up any weapon to defend themselves else they would be wiped out all from the face of the earth.


Biya’s military terrorists admit committing barbarism in Missong village Fungom

Missong- Fungom : The massacre of 9 civilians including women & a child by Biya’s military terrorists on the 01-06-22 took the Biya’s regime 6days to claim responsibility after failing to tag the Ambazonian restoration forces as usual in Missong village in Fungom Menchum county .

This is just another one of the many atrocities committed by Biya’s forces in Southern Cameroons where the world including the UN have been calling for ceasefire and to have an inclusive dialogue yet the Biya’s regime believe in the use of force : They claim they killed them in search of a missing colleague and deceiving the world that the culprits have been arrested : Well we have another version from indigenes below the post
The civilians including women and children continue to become victims of this senseless war : The most annoying part is the arrogance in which they admit their barbarism as anything with them is shot with a gun: They keep faking reasons for their genocide then calling them mistakes or unfortunate incidents : Condolences without a ceasefire will only lead to more lives lost while the International Community watches as Southern Cameroonians are being slaughtered on daily basis : The population of Southern Cameroons will keep resisting Cameroon’s barbarism until they gain their freedom: The more reason any Ambazonian should become a warrior or do all to support the restoration forces to put an end to this genocide :

Here is the reaction contrary to what the military cooked up which comes to expose the excesses and barbarism of the so called ” professional Army”

“This is fake and pure lies.
We got the info here from one of our colleagues who was there and among that same detachement that one of them had a rendez-vous with a girl there and when he left he over stayed and they were worried and disturbed that their colleague must have been kidnapped by amba.
So, few of them went out for the search of the soldier who went out purposely for sex and on their way, these innocent civilians were gunned down by them simply because they asked them the whereabout of their colleague and they said they don’t know.
This is exactly what happened.
Until the missing idiot who when for sex appeared after hearing sounds of gun shots can you imagine.” SM

Reaching out to southern Cameroons refugees in Nkiri & Anterre

Nkiri- Sardauna LGA Taraba state Nigeria 🇳🇬

About 6 months ago, our Humanitarian team with former Refugee leader Mr. Lawong Fabian visited our female refugees from southern Cameroons suffering at the border village in Nkiri Sardauna LGA in Taraba state Nigeria 🇳🇬:
We met with more than the number expected and ran out of what we visited with (reusable kits/pads and food: We promised to buy and produce more for those that did not receive : Weeks ago we got a donor, an Igbo lady Mrs Francisca Hougaard & husband Mr. Hans Pedersen from Bornholm who supported and Supplied us with 60kits that covered up for those that never collected : We bought some food stuffs and accompanied these kits with, Mr. Rhenie Nyuydzefen supported us with half a bag of rice : Bongfen Glanche & Dan assisted with the logistics while the two monitors on the ground helped with the mobilization & distribution : We want to thank the Pedersen family for this support as well as Nyuydzefen for thinking about our people :

We keep pleading for intervention in this humanitarian need as our people are going through challenging times especially those are the suburbs and borders fighting to survive: We are always at your service to make sure these refugees can smile from your kindness/generosity : SM

Biya’s military terrorists burnt down at least 6 houses in Gwarkang

Gwarkang-Kumbo LGA Bui 30-05-22 Updates from the invasion of Gwarkang by Biya’s military terrorists state that more than 6 houses were again razed down and lots of property destroyed by the military on Sunday the 29th of May 2022.

The Unity Warriors led by Major General Capo resisted them by fighting back : We are told they came with some sell outs whose role were to identify homes and property to destroy : Our Major General Capo and his family suffered the heaviest lost in terms of destruction :

The Unity Warriors led by Major General Capo resisted them by fighting back : We are told they came with some sell outs whose role were to identify homes and property to destroy : Our Major General Capo and his family suffered the heaviest lost in terms of destruction :
It is alleged that majority if not all of the military have left Gwarkang after failing to neutralize the unity warriors as planned :
Meanwhile the 7 military trucks and the caterpillar that invaded Rohntong/Sop area were later stationed in Jakiri where they spent the night : This morning they have left for kumbo to continue their barbarism : Civilians in Kumbo need to be extra careful and disappear from them as we know already that whenever they fail in their mission against the warriors ; they force their frustrations on the civilians as was the case in Mbve yesterday where 4 civilians were victims : SM

Obituary as Mr. Francis Lukong of CPDM Jakiri is no more

Jakiri – Dzekwa LGA Bui County 29-05-22: Mr. Lukong Francis one of the CPDM militants that marched during the 20th May, Cameroon’s National Day Celebration is no more the family confirmed : He killed himself to conceal the truth and respect the vow taken according to the Bui Unity Warriors commander that apprehended him.

He was picked up saturday 28-05-22 by the Unity Warriors of Dzekwa West for questioning: Following a video leaked from the warriors barrack, Mr. Francis admitted he marched for CPDM with 2 others but defended himself that he was arrested by the military on the 19th and later forced to march the 20th to regain his freedom:

The warriors then decided to keep him under custody to investigate if he was a victim of circumstance or was simply a traitor that worked for the enemy: He was warned that if the findings proved that he never was arrested then he will help expose those he was working with for subsequent arrests ; Mr. Lukong knowing the danger ahead decided to kill himself at night by hanging to conceal the truth : The Unity warriors commander has promised to apprehend the other two for further questioning despite the demise of Mr. Lukong Francis as justice must take its cause for those violating the rules of Ambazonia:
We are saddened by his death as many were looking forward to more revelations as to why three people will brave such odds on a lockdown day to go for crumps except maybe other things were in play : The family had taken his remains for funeral preparations: SM