Barrister Akuwijadze Joseph speaks out on Anglophone Marginalization

Barrister Akuwiyadze Joseph speaks out on the Marginalization of Anglphones and asks President Biya to apologize to All Anglophone Cameroonians. For 35 Years the president has never addressed Cameroonians in English from Yaounde yet one and indivisible.

I’m in East Cameroon ~ the land of Internet and civilization!!!
Depriving us of Internet Connection in West Cameroon amounts to collective punishment for a supposed crime that the due process of law has not been followed: audi alterem partem. Even God did not condemn Adam and Eve without first of all hearing from them. But then, it is interesting that the government has not yet taken steps to stop Anglophones who are in East Cameroon from using the Internet!
At Matazem (boundary between West and East Cameroon), cars going to East Cameroon are ransacked by the Forces. Those entering West Cameroon do not undergo the same treatment. Yet we are told that Cameroon is one and indivisible! Cameroon is divisible.
In 1990, Anglophones fought for re-introduction of multiparty politics in Cameroon. Francophones benefited and created a plethora of political parties. Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
In 1990, we, Anglophones students, in the then Federal University of Cameroon, sacrificed one academic year in our fight for the creation of an Anglo-Saxon University in Buea. In 1993, when the University of Buea was created, Francophones who never sacrificed anything, had five new Universities! Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
Anglophones fought for the GCE Board. Francophones had the BAC Board given to them on a platter of gold! Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
In the current struggle Anglophones have sacrificed a lot and are still sacrificing but all what the government has done, benefits Francophones. Anglophones have always fought for Francophones in this triangle called Cameroon. We plant and they harvest. Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
In 1961, two Independent States with equal status (Southern Cameroon and La République Du Cameroun) came together to form one nation ~ Federal Republic of Cameroon. In 1961 we were ‘divisible’. Today, are we indivisible?
I am an advocate for a return to the 1961 arrangement: a Federation of West Cameroon and East Cameroon. If a Federation means dividing Cameroon, then Cameroon is divisible.
For 34 years, the Head of State has never made any official Speech from Yaounde (31st December, 10th February etc) in English for Charles Ndongo or Alain Belibi to translate into French for Francophone Cameroonians. All such speeches have been in French, for Peter Esoka (aka Anglophone President) to translate into English. Yet Cameroon is Bilingual with French and English having the same status! If the Head of State speaks English only when he is in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon does that mean that he is in a foreign country? The Head of State owes Anglophone Cameroonians an apology for such marginalization and I expect his next Nation Address to be in English. Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
Suspects are arrested from West Cameroon and detained in East Cameroon. Are there no prisons in West Cameroon? They are tried in East Cameroon. Are there no Courts in West Cameroon? Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
While at a travel agency in Bamenda last week, I overheard a militarily youngman in a telephone conversation proudly telling his friend (I suppose) that he has slept with 50 women and that his target was to hit 100 before his assignment in Bamenda ends. Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
Government’s calls for schools to resume have fallen on deaf ears. Calls for ghost towns in West Cameroon are heeded to. The government with all the available arsenal, has failed (woefully) to get parents in West Cameroon send their children back to school. West Cameroon seems to be ruled by “small boys” from abroad!!! Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
We are told to leave politics out of schools. This is laughable because everything in any state (not only Cameroon) is decided by politicians. Politics is everywhere ~ even in our toilets!
I may go on and on and on, but one thing is very certain: those who say Cameroon is one and indivisible (whatever that means) are the very people who may soon divide Cameroon.
We’ll find a solution to the present stalemate when we decide to speak the TRUTH while looking at each other eyeball to eyeball. We cannot seek peace while doing injustice at the same time. For, as St. Puis X opines, WHERE THERE IS INJUSTICE, THERE IS NO HOPE OF PEACE BECAUSE PEACE IS THE WORK OF JUSTICE.
I have just expressed my opinion. If it is a crime for one to express his opinion in Cameroon, then this is the rope and this is my neck!!!
Those West Cameroonians who have gone into hiding because they fear arrest, are COWARDS!!!

ShuSheey Barrister Joseph AKUWIYADZE,
West Cameroon.

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