Believing by Doing

Believing by Doing
by Napoleon Hill

It can be truthfully said that seldom in life will you fail to accomplish an act or achieve a purpose if you condition your mind properly before you start. It all depends on the way you condition your mind.

It is a fact that man is the master of every other living thing on this earth. If we look about us we can see that the birds of the air and the beasts of the jungle have been wisely provided with food and the necessities of their existence through the Divine plan. Is man, then, not worthy of the same blessing?

All that you need to do to get anything you rightfully should have is to take possession of your own mind and use it. You do not have to ask anyone for this privilege. It’s yours . . . now! The approach to liberty, freedom, good health, love and an abundance of the material things of this life is through your own mind, by the methods described in this and other lessons of this PMA Science of Success philosophy. The purpose of this philosophy is to explain how you may take possession of your own mind and use it intelligently to fulfill the measure of your creation.

The development of faith is a matter of realizing the astounding power of the mind as it adapts itself to the inflowing of Infinite Intelligence, and then directs its power to some constructive definite purpose. The only real mystery about faith is why so many people fail to make more use of it! A one sentence definition of faith simply explains: It is the art of believing by doing.

And it is in the word doing that the secret lies. Faith exists only so long as it is used.

Source: PMA Science of Success Course. Educational Edition. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1983. Pgs. 104-105.

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