Biya’s cleansing mission in Bui backfires as they meet waterloo in Kishong, Kumbo & Vekovi this morning

Kishong , Kumbo & Vekovi -Bui 03-06-21

As we reported last evening on Scandy media blog here about la Biya’s evil plan to invade 3 LGAs in Bui today, they stupidly went ahead to execute their plans despite knowing how prepared the warriors are to handle : This morning they started in some quarters like Tsendzev, Jem , PS Kumbo at squares but lost a soldier and several ; They attempted the second time in vain and got serious resistance from the Bui warriors of Kumbo East and left pleading with more injuries : In Kikaikelaki precisely at Wai Ngoylum, an armored car was hit by Bui warriors of Kumbo North and as they ran down towards kumbo, another set of Bui warriors gave them another hard time as two “Manyis” (Locally made Device) hit them hard. The Bui warriors of Nkum North intercepted and ambushed the military armored car at Kishong few minutes hitting the target as seen on the video meanwhile their attack in Vekovi – Dzekwa LGA has brought more casualties on Biya’s military side as many are laying behind the building they hosted themselves :


The battle is still on in Vekovi but we can already smile as the warriors as usual got back up from Kumbo West warriors from one of their colonels who came in full force :

The mistake by La Rep forces to attack 3 LGAs in Bui same day and time is a blow they will live to regret with all their lives : We are yet to know how many have been killed and injured in the armored car destroyed by Bui Warriors of Nkum LGA North : The casualties in Vekovi will be the heaviest from the number already seen by eye witness on the ground: What a huge mistake for Biya’s forces to have thought of imposing a base in Vekovi where military only return with dead bodies each time they invade the area.

We are told part of the plan to invade Nkum was to permit the military invade Ndu as well but the Bui warriors have disrupted that plan and their plan B is now to see how to ferry their casualties back: This is the more reason all resources should be forwarded to the warriors to completely do the same : They never allow these Biya forces to pass through their county to invade any other : Other counties should learn from this .
Shey Tatah (SM)

Updates of the attack at New Deal street Thursday afternoon 03-06-21 by the Major General and his Team :

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