Biya’s gendarmes beat up and kill a 21 year old (Okada) bike rider in Bamenda because of 500 frs CFA

Bamenda Northern zone of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia: Gendarmes beat up and kills a 21 year Okada Rider in Bamenda today for not affording 500 frs CFA ($1) as settlement:

Inhabitants Below Foncha Street and Okada Boys around the Nkwen side of Bamenda went in uncontrollabe fury today at about midday after Gendarmes beat up an Okada Rider to death. They dumped his corpse by the roadside where they have mounted a routine checkpoint.

The young man was stopped last Friday and asked to “settle” his 500frs control. He complained that he had not worked that amount since it was still very early in the morning. He forfeited his ID card to the Gerdarmes to take it later when he had the 500frs. He returned yesterday to pay the amount but was told that he had to pay 2000frs to have his ID. He refused and left. At midday this morning, he went to the same checkpoint to get his ID. He was asked to pay 5000frs. When he refused to pay. An argument issued between them and the Gendarmes got him severely beaten to death.

His corpse was dumped by his bike and the Gerdarmes continued with their “control”. Alerted, more than 100 Okada riders invaded the site and took away the corpse to PMI Nkwen. The officials on duty declared the boy dead. The Okada Riders rode back to the site where act happened as the Gendarmes threatened to shoot but the riders resisted. One Policeman came and calmed them down and told them the incident was to be investigated. More than 200 Okada Riders took the corpse to the Bamenda Mortuary.

Scandy Media report

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