Biya’s military forces frustrated in Bui as the unity warriors are up to the task

Jakiri & Sop – Dzekwa LGA Bui 16-07-22

Another narrow escape for Biya’s military terrorists as the Unity warriors gave them hard times as they struggle to invade and attack Bui from many fronts : They were attacked in Jakiri and Sop respectively by the Bui Unity warriors .

The Biya’s military got their plans frustrated today as the Unity warriors of Dzekwa South West led by its commander “Fireman” stormed Jakiri town and put it to a standstill for 2hours : The Military ran for their dear lives and never returned :

As if that was not enough the three extra military vehicles that arrived to add the to the 5 of yesterday had a hard time getting to meet their colleagues in Kumbo .
The Unity warriors of Dzekwa North & Kumbo South all led by the two Unity Warriors colonels and their team hit them hard destroying one of the vehicles still standing at Yer as of this evening.

These two attacks are coming at the time hundreds of same Biya’s forces are in Djottin Noni LGA still in Bui county where they have been arresting civilians and looting since 4am.
The Unity warriors of Noni and environs have been on standby waiting to defend and protect the civilians though the military is still using them as shields 🛡: Our people are still advised to stay away from these thugs as they only bring but misery and pain .

Meanwhile more military mobilization taking place in Koutaba to join their other forces in Bui. Our informants did not precise which roads they intend to get into Bui but we are still intensifying our guards on the Mbiame border as well as the Kutupit and Babesi borders . They plan to invade and attack Mbam Song, Dzevru, Ngehndzen in Nkum LGA, then Takui/Berlem, Kitiwum & Romajai/Bamkikai in Kumbo LGA. The appeal to keep assisting and supporting these warriors is highly recommended and encouraged especially as more invasions are taking place : SM

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