Biya’s military forces use rocket launchers on civilians in Kumbo

Mbve – Kumbo LGA 02-06-21

Following the attack on civilians this morning where civilians were trapped and many arrested, the Bui warriors had to intervene to protect and defend the civilians but when the heat was too hot for the Biya’s military forces they resulted in using rocket launchers and illegal machines : This remains a shameful and disheartening move to continue their atrocious acts in killing civilians, destroying property and looting :

Amongst those abducted are a certain Alhadji Moussa, an elderly man and 3 from one family: It is being alleged that the Bui warriors might have brought down another military drone as they did in Meluf last year .

The battle later extended to neighboring quarters in Mbve and Biya’s military forces have called for back up bringing more armored cars and trucks to ferry civilians abducted to extort exuberant amount of money from them .

We keep calling on the silent International Community that seems to act as accomplice to wipe out the Southern Cameroons race to act now before the genocide becomes regrettable . Kumbo and Bui county has suffered numerous attacks from many fronts on daily basis as we are also encountering a similar invasion in Vekovi and environ where they about imposing a military base there to keep terrorizing the population.
Shey Tatah (SM )

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