Biya’s Military invasion of Dzekwa LGA continues

Dzekwa LGA- Bui County 02-06-21 critical security alert for at least 5 villages (Vekovi, Kisenjam, Sop, Nkar, Wvem etc in Dzekwa LGA

Military touches are all over this night at Kahngeh Kisenjam coming towards Wainkar ready to devour any one seen outside : Meanwhile some are around Kinkahndzeh – Sop and planning another similar invasion :

The case of Vekovi needs serious and more Mobilization from our civilians to help chase the military terrorists planning to impose a military base there to make life unbearable for our people : We are told 4 military trucks came in Tuesday 1st June to replace the 3 military trucks stationed there : As the rains poured , they moved on foot right to Ntur to instill fear on the population:

Upon return they met with women that returned from the bushes to get food for their children ; so they asked them to return home but some of these military terrorists confiscated the food and insist that the women go bring everybody from their hidings : We know their mission and the smart women went and disappeared: This action should be emulated as the military aims at killing all of them : We are glad that people are beginning to see reasons to run away completely from the barbaric Biya’s military following all the atrocities caused :

updates 02-06-21

Biya’s military forces are stationed in Vekovi at the following strategic areas : The Storey belonging to a certain Ashawa, some where our Dzekwa Warriors General and Team patrol, some at the warriors barracks ; some hiding at Ntunir in some Mbororos houses, some patrolling and some at Gen. Ivo’s residence : Despite that they intend to put a base there, they are there pending the outcome of the regional council going on in Bamenda now intended to end Thursday 03-06-21 before deciding if to again extend the cleansing period of Bui or not : All the Brigade commanders and D.Os have been invited to that session to that effect .


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