Biya’s military razed down shops at the Kumbo main market

Mbve footages – Kumbo Main Market 29-03-23

When we look at the footage of what Biya’s military terrorists did on Wednesday 29-03-23 at the Kumbo main market in Mbve, then I remember that just a day before I watched Equinox TV and the Archbishop of Bamenda was thanking the reconstruction ongoing in Bamenda: He even went ahead to say the buildings were better than the previous ones and could only be compared to European standards : What then are we constructing with such barbarisms that you shatter the hopes of people suffering and destroy their livelihood:
The CPDM elites are there singing “Living Together “ .

What has shops of traders got to do with Biya’s regime ? How do you really convince these people that we are brothers and sisters and that Cameroon 🇨🇲 is one and Indivisible? Are they now going to reconstruct what they destroyed with better structures ? What about the Materials razed down ?
This is thinking time for anyone still believing that Yaoundé regime can protect them and can value them : we shall fight for Justice and Justice shall we get : SM

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