Biya’s military strategically withdraw from Tsenla in Kikaikelaki Kumbo for replacement

Tsenla – Kikaikelaki Kumbo 07-04-21

Another Military strategic Withdrawal from Tsenla – Kikaikelaki in Kumbo as 4 Military vehicles took to the scene from Kumbo to assist their colleagues pack out of Kikaikelaki awaiting the next battalion :

About 2-3 weeks ago, we reported the jubilation to leave Kumbo alive when the announcement was made by their boss at the Kumbo main market in Mbve . Some of them were not lucky to leave alive as 4 were neutralized the week before Easter when we lost one vibrant commander . Since then many have fallen but the few could heard with happy voices leaving that village alive .

They are leaving at the time Bui warriors of Dzekwa neutralized at least, injuring several at the Jakiri check point around the Veterinary Junction, a battle led by the Dzekwa General himself . Needless to remind all that this is a mere military strategic withdrawal or what we call replacement though the new squad is yet to arrive .
We congratulate our warriors for giving them a hard time and daily nightmares and pray that you receive the support needed to complete the Job :


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