Biya’s military terrorists kill at least 2 civilians in Waxi an outskirts in Jakiri

Waxi – Dzekwa LGA and Critical security Alert 🚨 for Dzekwa LGA 19-07-22

At least two civilians have been killed in Waxi and border village with Ngoketunjia & West region of Cameroon 🇨🇲: They are planning more surgical attacks in Dzekwa between this night and weekend . civilians are advised to keep watch and take precautionary measures.
The Military came in through Bambalang village around midday and invaded Waxi village an outskirts of Jakiri Bui County . Two civilians whose name we got as Clovis and a traditional ruler (Tavmfuh Waxi ) are said to be victims while another civilian injured .

The Unity warriors informed about the invasion immediately left for Waxi to protect and defend the population. Thanks to their intervention, the worst would have happened .
The continuous influx of Biya’s military into Bui is a call for concern as many will be leaving Kumbo to join more coming in to invade and attack most villages in Dzekwa as they claim has been very difficult to penetrate ever since the Unity warriors initiative came in place . The civilians are targets as they can not stand the Unity warriors but it is still our advice that civilians run away from them at all cost , as they are evil and devilish .
All of Ambazonia are called upon to stand with the Unity warriors and assist them especially financially and with materials to uproot the rotten tooth . SM

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