Biya’s regime and Military bent on imposing famine in Kumbo-Bui

Kumbo-Bui County Southern Cameroons: 27-06-20; President Paul Biya of Cameroon in collaboration with his CPDM elites and agents have devised another form of human rights abuse to inflict pain and famine in Kumbo -Bui in particular and Ambazonia in general by using the military destroy crops like corn, beans, potatoes etc. This should be the Biya’s version of Reconstruction and Development.

For a week now, Biya’s military forces have been in the streets of kumbo arresting civilians indiscriminately, extorting money from them in the name of bail to the tune of 50,000 frs CFA each and those that can not afford are taken to custody and taken out to the streets and handed cutlasses to clear and destroy any crop found along the road.

This barbaric destruction of crops started few weeks ago in when they invaded a village known as Jerfon in Meluf-Kumbo. The civilians did not take them seriously as they thought this was intended to have enough space to mount their camp. Two days later, they extended the same exercise to Kikaikom & Tsenla in Kikaikelaki (K4) where crops around the Baptist Health care and the Grand stand were all destroyed. This week alone saw at least 5 quarters in Kumbo losing their crops to destruction by the Biya’s military: These quarters include, the road from the post office in Tobin down to River Bui, Level Land, BBH quarters, Banka & Brigade quarters.

The civilian population is in pain, as for the previous years the military burnt down shops, private homes and public institutions but recently, they have engaged in another form of destruction added to the burning down of villages which is the destruction of crops.

Additionally, they keep invading villages and quarters in Bui in daily basis making life unbearable for civilians who spend most of their lives in bushes running away from their genocidal mission. At the moment as we are reporting, they have invaded the village of Tarkijah an outskirts of Kumbo after Kikaikelaki towards Tatum. At least 9 military vehicles including armored cars and caterpillars are busy terrorizing civilians there. At least one civilian has been shot and killed by the military. While this rampage is taking place, another set of Biya’s military are invading a quarter in Mbve known as corner water and about invading the Banso Batist Hospital (BBH) quarter where they increase and inflict more pains on the patients.

It is the wish of Bui civilians that the International community intervenes immediately with concrete actions to put an end to the atrocities of the Biya’s regime. The memories of the Ngarbuh massacre are still very fresh in our minds. The destruction of crops, looting of livestock, burning down of villages, killing, raping , intimidation etc are the order of the day from the Biya’s military and all these are violations of Human Rights.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Scandy Media)

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