Bui CPDM leaders send military to terrorize patients at the Catholic Hospital Shisong

Shisong -Kumbo Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia): The Patients at the St. Elizabeth Catholic Hospital Shisong – Kumbo are still on shock and some feared to have aggravated their sicknesses especial those at the cardiac centre when the Bui Administrators (The SDO. DO, Mayors, Councilors etc) authorized the Cameroon Military to invade its premises. The shooting and breaking into wards, causing panic and confusion amongst patients, nurses and other workers caused many to flee their wards and those on drips having having to hurt them more in the process of running to safety. This happened Tuesday afternoon of 30th June 2020.

Scandy Media tried to reach out to the Hospital authorities but they were still on shock and could not talk for fear that they might be targeted and silenced as well. We carried out more investigations from some patients and workers who said, almost all units/departments at the hospital were attacked from the cardiac centre right to the even the convent that is outside the hospital.

One of the workers who witnessed the scene said they molested the gateman, broke the gate and forced their way into the hospital, went to the men’s ward and later proceeded to the surgical ward and the theatre. When they could not find what they wanted, they took the back gate that links the hospital with the convent. All doors at the locked were forced opened.

Here are some of the words we got from a staff at the hospital who also witnessed the horrifying incident; “The Military entered the Shisong hospital theatre and wanted to carry a patient off the operating table. The theatre staff shouted at them and they left kicking into places and went as far as breaking the doors of the General ward. The promised to come back soon, but before they left, they fired at least two gunshots in General ward”

We investigated further to find out why a military which the Biya’s regime refer to as professional will invade such a renowned Health Institution knowing fully well that the hospital is one of the no go areas in times of war. Our External informant told us that someone working at the hospital and romancing with the Biya’s Regime had informed the Government authorities that the Ambazonian fighters injured during a confrontation with the military were receiving treatment at the Shisong hospital. Another source even said some Francophones who claim to work as nurses and surgeons at the hospital serve as spies to the regime and that any patient who is brought in with a bullet even if a civilian as the military shoots at any civilian seen when out on rampage is referred to as an amba fighters by these Francophones working there. We are also told that some workings who are indigenes aspiring to hold positions or gain favors from the regime play the same role.

When asked why the military had to go right to theatre and convent, we are told the SDO, Mayors & Councilors instructed the military to do just that in case they did not find the Ambazonian fighters at the General ward and that some of them are usually hidden at the theatre and fed from the convent. It is really disheartening that a hospital will employ workers to save life and yet with their greed they will form lies against the reverend sisters who provide for all the needy and abandoned at the hospital providing food for those who can not afford and yet be accused of harboring Ambazonian fighters. A accusation that turned out to be false as they found no one. Should Southern Cameroonians also attack the hospitals becuase they treat the same military who shoot at civilians everyday? The hospitals in Kumbo are occupied mostly by these Biya’s military who are injured daily and dead bodies to the mortuaries but never have we seen civilians nor restoration forces getting close to any of these hospitals for treating and harboring these thugs, simply because the Ambazonian forces understand and respect the Geneva convention. Rumor even has it that some of these enablers working there now amputate any civilian shot by the military on the leg or arm. We are yet to investigate on that and if found true we will inform the hospital authorities immediately for immediate action.

It is high time the S.D.O and his collaborators, the appointed Mayors and Councilors be stopped and taken to face Justice for the many atrocities caused the people of Bui. We have seen hospitals burnt down with patients in other places like Kumba and if care is not taken, those from Kumbo will do the same. The SDO has brought more than 2000 extra military to Bui and they are not only killing but destroying property on daily basis simply because he has been promised the position of a Governor if Bui is wiped out. We urge the International community to intervene immediately and bring those committing these atrocities in Bui to justice.

Scandy Media

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