Bui population under surveillance by Cameroon colonial forces

Mbve- Kumbo : Two Cameroon colonial military trucks have been dispatched to Mbve – the main Kumbo commercial town and four others to Tatum – Nkum county to use the similar method of ambushing Bui warriors as they did few days back at the control point in Melim.

The SDO for Bui after attempting to close down community schools and attacking the areas these schools operate, the case of Meluf and Kikaikom yesterday has vowed to continue with his ambushing strategy to kill any that stand on their way.

About 3 days ago, the Cameroon ?? military seized a civilian transport vehicle and ambushed some Bui warriors killing at least 5. This method was immediately adopted at a security meeting held with the forces as they endorsed more attacks on control points mounted by the restoration forces.

This evening, 2 trucks filled with la Rep forces arrived Mbve and would be sleeping there especially in some strategic areas and places they suspect the warriors mount control: Most of them are in civilian attire well armed and shall survey and attack as soon as they have a green light . The same exercise is taking place in Tatum with 2 armored cars and 2 trucks ready to dismantle all the control points under the control of the restoration forces:

All restoration forces have been advised to quit all the check points and carry out better ambushing tactics like the one that happened this evening at Wai Ngoylum in Kikaikelaki where Bui warriors from the ADF unit in xxx successfully brought down at least 4 while one of the forces got a minor injury on the mouth.
The population is therefore advised to watch out as the forces are hidden in some buildings monitoring the movement of the restoration forces awaiting tomorrow:

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