Cabral Libii pulls the biggest crowd ever in Douala

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Cabral N. Libii pulls the biggest crowd in Douala: 

CPDM should have nightmares and need to adjust the fraud machinery.


I know that this crowd does not have registered voters but for such a young candidate in La Rep never known to pull out such should teach everyone a lesson. The end of the old era even if they keep stealing the votes, use ELecam to their favor but the young man has shown that he is a force to reckon with even if this is his home land or as no other candidate has been able to pull a quarter of this crowd so far, not even the intimidating and fraud machinery CPDM. 

This is how campaign is done outdoors for all to see not those indoors and door to door corrupting the minds of voters. Cabral Libii  of the UNIVERS might not win for obvious and various reasons but he represent those youths who can bring change…

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