Calm returning to kumbo gradually this evening after two bloody battle on many fronts

Kumbo 21-11-19: A battle of many fronts took place today in Kumbo as Biya’s regime dispatched his colonial military forces to attack Kumbo both from the North and South of the town. First they attacked from the North of Kumbo with 3 Military trucks coming down from Ndu in Donga Mantung shooting sporadically from Kikaikelaki village down to the main Market Mbve.

From the South, The regime sent at least 4 trucks to invade Kumbo at the same time as they started their attack from Melim.

The good news is that the Bui warriors (Restoration forces) immediately got to the scene and retaliated. In Kikaikelaki, Cameroon forces suffered two casualties in the morning while a Bui warrior got injured.

The battle in Melim might have been more bloody as Bui Field Marshal himself was also in action. We are told two military cars rushed to the hospital in BBH with many causalities and blood flowing terribly and heavily. Three of the trucks then left angrily towards the north of Kumbo the Kikaikelaki -Tatum axis. Again we are reliably informed two Cameroon forces have been neutralized.

By day break, we hope to get a complete picture of what transpired but at the moment, those who escaped to the bushes, some are returning and the number of gunshots reduced, and calm gradually returning.

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