Cameroon closes her Major National Dialogue with all dishonesty

Many were glued to the screen awaiting resolutions adopted at the 5 day National Dialogue aimed at bringing justice and equality for peace to return in Southern Cameroons in vain as the show as usual turned out to be the singing of praises to mighty and only indispensable King of Cameroon Paul Biya.

From the interviews granted especially to the ministers of the Cameroon regime, one could undoubtedly conclude that this was a mere show to present an agenda from the regime and its leader and not to consider anything constructive from the objective participants since the form of state was a taboo which they denied:

Gregoire Owona was caught on camera with his own words as he did on Equinox TV program the inside when he said that if people behaved themselves they were going to be released, he was referring to the 333 mentioned yesterday, this showed that they are the ones deciding and not the head of state they sing his name daily: Today he made a similar statement which in the weeks ahead shall find itself communicated which was that whether there is a cease fire ? or not and granting of amnesty to the refugees, all have demonstrated that they want a united Cameroon, does he mean that cease fire ? and some other concessions will come to give Biya another credit for correcting his mistakes and evil plans against the southern Cameroonians ?

Rene Sadi in his part was clear as well, the dialogue was just to listen and not consider any points as the head of state is the final Decision maker who already has what he will present despite the 5 days wasted .

In the report by the commonwealth minister, he lied that no topic was a taboo yet we did not hear anything about the independence of Southern Cameroons, even the Federation is he claims was discussed, he did not read what was decided about it as we all know 70% of those in the decentralization committee were for Federation, how come it did not come as a proposal nor resolved as the better form of the state ?

All the speakers and those Fons/chiefs that gave a thank You Note only sang praises to Paul Biya, someone that killed thousands of Southern Cameroonians to grant them a special status at the end? What stopped him from doing so when it all started if they deserved but that ? Did he have to destroy more than 300 villages to grant that?

All other decisions were barely to deceive the international community , otherwise why even bring the same people claiming to me new ex Amba combatants to repeat the same thing with the same spokesman as yesterday?

How do you spend millions to pay flights for diaspora and same time they contribute 2.7 million as start up for the implementation? Is something matching up here ? They all admitted their flights were paid and we know each should have consumed at least 800,000 frs for the flight and logistics:

You now want to provide provisions for the diaspora with Dual Nationality finally being at the table, the same diaspora you have radicalized. yet you now blame them for all happening back home , where is your sincerity ? How can you return peace when you have not provided for Justice ?

Release all Southern Cameroonians attested in connection with the crisis, remove all your forces from Ambazonia, Grant Amnesty to those abroad , pay indemnities to atrocities caused , jail Atanga Nji and Co and things will fall in place when we get at the negotiating table . All the drama about Cameroonians solving their problems is about you and not Southern Cameroons, we are two entities and we need a neutral place and third party to negotiate: Only when Justice is provided will the peace we all want be enjoyed .

The God’s exposed you when the lights went off as well, a sign that the nation has been in darkness and that all these fake promises and projects shall never be fulfilled : more images below

Scandy Media analyst

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