Cameroon colonial forces invaded Kumbo town again this Sunday

The colonial forces of la Rep du Cameroon are bent on crushing the masses if they do not accept the outcome of the Major National Dialogue announced by President Paul Biya of Cameroon:

Military invaded Kumbo again today with two armored car , they tried to round up Ta Mbve area to from Mbve to Brasseries , then down towards St. Peter’s college Kumbo ; with the intention to crack down any suspected male around : The population did not provoke and but remained calm; they flew a drone around Mbve but got no reaction from the people :
One of the military spoke to our intel stating that their actions are to force the population accept the outcome of the dialogue and if they do not then a more serious and devastating massacre will take place in the whole of Ambazonia. This simply confirms that the dialogue is actually a conference aimed at deceiving the international community and impose their colonial rule that has been existing for the past 60 years:
Scandy media Intelligence.

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