Cameroon forces arresting Kumbo people to force them attend the SDO’s installation:

The Cameroon military forces dispatched at least two military trucks that went round arrested people to forcefully take them to the installation ground of the Bui SDO tomorrow 18-10-19 following warnings from Bui warriors:

At least two Military trucks took rounds today in Kumbo arresting those who did not escape to their custody in order to forcefully bring them to the installation ground of the SDO for Bui :

First they went to Shisong and drove around the hospital premises causing panic and danger especially to patients: Then moved to the main town Squares, Mbve commercial town and finally to the administrative town Tobin: We even learnt bike owners had their bikes more than 50 confiscated and they were asked to come and collect tomorrow, meaning after attending the event then they will pay some amount to collect :

Images of people running away in Mbve

Their mission was simple and insider told Scandy Media platform; to get as many people as possible to attend the installation before they are released since people have wowed to respect the orders of the Bui warriors to stay indoors as they shall be out to stop any colonial installation: They are trying to use the people as a shield since they know that Bui warriors never attack where there are civilians:
Scandy media Platform

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