Cameroon military faced another bloody battle in Bui County this evening

Nkar/Sop- Dzekwa LGA & Melim- Kumbo LGA 28-07-22

Another bloody day for Biya’s military forces this evening in Bui as the 5 extra military trucks dispatched to Bui met their doom .

First, they narrowly escaped from the Unity warriors of Dzekwa south who missed target but alerted their warriors in Jakiri central who took over from them hitting Biya’s forces from Nkar to Sop and finally at Melim .

It only took back up from Kumbo to rescue the military convoy of 5 trucks from the hands of the Unity warriors who with combined forces from 3 barracks inflicted heavy casualties: Those who abandoned their trucks for fear of explosive attacks bumped into the hands of the waiting Unity warriors as they opened fire on them. The warriors would have harvested but knew many were hiding in the bushes waiting to devour .

These Biya’s thugs would have a lot of nightmares and regret ever coming to Bui if this was their first time one eavesdropper hiding in the bush confessed from the experience .
This horrible experience is one of the too many the poorly trained Cameroon 🇨🇲 military go through each time they are sent to Bui.

The Bui Unity warriors have remained a force to reckon with and proof that a United Ambazonia can liberate their land sooner than later . All they need is our maximum support and assistance . SM

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