Cameroon Military invade and attack community schools in Kumbo

Kumbo- Nso Bui: Cameroon Military today at 10 am local time stormed two community schools, one in Tobin and the one promoted by UNICEF at the Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH), chased students and fire gunshots at the Hospital Premises as students ran for their dear lives.

The cry for schools to resume in the conflict zones obliged the population to operate community schools where children could study freely. This caused the former SDO for Bui to vow tha, thatt was going to happen over his dead body.

Last week a new SDO was installed with only 42 people attending, 3 civilians, 7 authorities/officials and the rest Military and since the governor felt that as humiliation, he vowed to close all schools in collaboration with the new SDO.

Today at around 10 am local time, the SDO dispatched the military men who came in yesterday in about 7 trucks to invade the schools and forced the students out by firing sporadically.

They later left Tobin for Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH) where the one promoted by UNICEF is located and shot heavily up to Kikaikelaki which is about 5 km away making sure all the students escaped into the bushes. We did not get news of any casualties at the time of the report. But the SDO has insisted that either students attend their own schools (Governments) or no education will take place. They have vehemently rejected the idea of community schools but want schools where students will not be safe as they are the ones always shooting and raping the very students they want in their institutions.

This is ample proof that the regime is the one responsible for no schools resumptions in Southern Cameroon since most of them are benefiting from the crisis.

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