Cameroon military molested a handicap in Mbiame and 3 others extorting money from them

Kinseng – Mbiame Bui County 19-11-19: Early this morning Cameroon colonial forces raided Roh Kinseng village in Mbiame Bui county, tortured and arrested many.

They invaded the mosque while Muslims were prayer and arrested three, molested them and amongst those badly beaten and injured was a handicap.

The leaders of the community confronted the military to seek for their release but the military requested for half a million: The poor villages could only afford a little over 100.000 frs CFA which fortunately secured their freedom after his Majesty the Fon of Mbiame intervened.

We are told the Fon only came out when he learnt that la Rep forces were about the execute them: He could not sit down to see his civilians massacred when he has the power to stop them: He did just that and the military painfully succumbed to that with few coins on their pockets .
They have been taken to the hospital in BBH for treatment.
Mbiame has been experiencing a series of indiscriminate killings and constant harassment , looting etc: There is serious anger amongst civilians in Mbiame caused by the atrocities from Cameroon forces .
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