Cameroon military presence forces the Kumbo population to close shops second executive day:

Kumbo 13-11-19: At least 3 Cameroon forces have been shot today in Mbve Kumbo commercial town for terrorizing the population two days in a roll.

Two military trucks drove to Mbve through squares the main town while two others drove through Tobin the Administrative town where they met at Mbve the main market causing panic and forcing the traders to close their shops .

Some say they came to pull down the Ambazonian flags hovering around the park in the market : Many wonder why it will take the military days to keep coming disrupting the daily activities: The fired gunshots sporadically calling the attention of the restoration forces (Bui Warriors) . The military has vowed that life can not return to normal another said as reason they keep terrorizing the population each time they are going about their normal lives.

The Bui warriors arrived the scene and the gun battle was fierce. Our reporter says at least 3 Cameroon colonial terrorists were shot and injured but was not sure if any died at the time of exchange .

The military were are told in frustration left the market scene and drove angrily towards Jakiri. Their destination not know but many are of the opinion that back up and reprisal might be the next move.

We also learnt that new Amba flags are flying back after the military removed them an hour ago.

The story is still breaking .
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