Cameroon minister of Justice Lauren Esso sets a trap to arrest Ambazonian Generals


SEPT. 28, 2019 — The Minister of Justice, Laurent Esso, announces that in prelude to the National Dialogue called by H. E. President Paul Biya, there shall be maximum security given to all armed separatists group members who intend to participate. Hotel accommodations have also been made for them in the capital Yaounde, he says.

According to a Press Release issued Friday evening during a Press Conference, Minister Esso says the National Dialogue would not be complete without armed group members taking part.

Hear him: “This Dialogue stems from a crisis between our soldiers and some armed separatists. We expect them to leave from the bushes and come here. Our BIRs will guide them back into the bushes after the dialogue.”

“They should keep their guns in the bushes when coming. If they come to cities with their gun or machetes, we will collect them and keep for them. The guns will be given back to them after dialogue,” the Minister responded to a question from Guardian Post Newspaper.

We have ordered all BIRs to guard their hotels, secure their meals from poisoning, and take them back into the bushes when Dialogue ends, says Minister Esso.

Meantime, delegates from other regions and out of the country have began arriving Yaounde.

• Marlene Essambe Molua, Director of Communications at MINCOM


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