Cameroon plays double standards against the corona virus

Yaoundé 17-03-20 Cameroon should stop the war if they truly and honestly want to fight the pandemic in good faith:

Cameroon’s PM announces a shut down without providing solutions to sustain the lives of those whose businesses will be affected: They copy words from the west and paste but ignore that the west provides avenues for survival: The greatest corona in Cameroon will be a crippled economy as many will die after the disaster: Why claim to protect lives when you are killing thousands in Ambazonia? Is it because the cases are found in Yaoundé for now ?

You can’t close restaurants, bars, transportation etc without a package to keep these firms alive at least for the time being; yet you still send soldiers with tax payers money to kill civilians in Ambazonia daily ever since the pandemic started: The soldiers are killing 50 times more than the virus ?

Stop the war and divert the resources to livelihood and you will come out with a win- Win situation : Other African countries can shut down their countries and survive but Cameroon ?? can not because of the war and killing of tax payers and workers :
All the countries Cameroon would expect aid from are affected by the virus and as such they should not think they will manipulate them with Boko Haram to get assistance this time around to kill southern Cameroonians with : Shey Tatah.

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