Cameroon’s participants at the dialogue party before the results

It is very common in Cameroon to see people party even without results. While the country is plagued by a serious crisis that need serious results to bring justice and peace, the regime result to a party to celebrate when they are fully aware that the outcome is a fiasco.

This is one of the habits of always squandering state and tax payers money irrespective of if the population is happy or not: One of the participants who chose not to be named said he would not attend a party knowing fully well that the results from the dialogue are negative , while people are in the bushes and some refugees abroad suffering, all the regime can do is to throw a party for themselves: “ I can’t be part of it’ : he said. Here are some of the images from the event:

The resolutions will be read any moment from now and many are of the opinion that while people are partying, they are busy editing the statements to suit their plans. This is a repeat of the Foumban conference.

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