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Barrister Shufai Berinyuy appreciates the prayers, concerns and interventions of all during the mistreatment towards his health

Shufai Berinyuy one of the Nera 10 abducted from Abuja Nigeria 🇳🇬 on the 5th of January 2018 and later illegally extradited Yaoundé Cameroon 🇨🇲 and detained incommunicado for 11 months & later sentenced to live, received one of the inhuman treatments ever:

shey Tatah & Shufai Berinyuy

Shufai was discharged last evening at around 8pm following interventions from many human rights leaders and lawyers:

Today Friday 22-05-20, Shufai was able to communicate to a few loved ones amongst Which was an informant of the Scandy media where he expressed his appreciation to many like the lawyers, Ambazonians, the one soldier that felt pity, the family including Ilaria Allegrozzi:

Shufai narrated his ordeal, stating that he was unconscious when he was taken to the hospital, stating that they told him when he recovered that it was President Sisiku that dressed him up: When SM asked him what actually happened; this is what he had to say :

“Some people say the forty days Lenten fast contributed to drain lot of energy such that when malaria And typoid struck it was deadly to the point of taken to hospital in hypoglycemia of less than 40%.
To make matters worse just when I regained consciousness the minister gave instructions and I was handcuffed to the hospital bed all night with my sister and all family chased out in the veranda. I tried fighting but little energy and the treatment discontinued until I submitted to the torture …”

He went ahead to state that “The article and press release from Human Rights Watch Washington DC Office gives a good summary because they were with a family member communicating and getting updates!!!“

Shufai went further describe the abuse asking “How can you explain someone just coming out of severe diabetic coma being handcuffed to bed while still on drips!!!?
It was when the alarm was blown off that according to Shufai “ The lawyers forced their way into the ward before making their press statement …“

Despite all the wickedness of La Rep citizens and forces there is always one with a human face that is touched by the spirit to assist the little possible : We insisted to know why Shufai has to go through such devastating torture: “That’s the question I put to them or had they got info that I was going to be smuggled out of the place? It’s very scary what happened … But I didn’t just give in to the soldiers. Though the pain was serious after they had handcuffed me to the bed!!! Mosquitoes infested ward became so horrible until one of the female soldiers who had refused being part of rubbish went and brought a bedsheet and covered me from mosquitoes like a corpse.
Shey Tatah Sevidzem

President Biya should release all Ambazonians in jail and cease fire immediately after 500 news cases of Covid-19 in 24hrs

Covid-19 : Cameroon 🇨🇲 registers more than 500 new cases of Covid-19 in a day: President Biya should ceasefire and release all the Southern Cameroonians detained in their dungeons:

Danger for Cameroon 🇨🇲 as far as Covid-19 is concerned:
For Cameroon to have 500 people infected in 24hrs; then we are working towards doom as this has gradually been sneaking in Ambazonia:
Biya should BBH this immediately ceasefire in Ambazonia and release all their prisoners unconditionally:
If Cameroon can confirm these 500 as official, then we need to know how many out there untested especially with Bars, night clubs ; markets; offices, funerals etc and now churches, schools etc to reopen :
We should be aiming at the worst and another shutdown might be needed as the only measures as people do not respect social distancing; as there is no water for the population to wash their hands and no rescue packages :
Scandy Media (SM)

Former SDF Mayor of Kumbo Mr. Njong Donatus appointed by the CPDM Prime Minister

Former Mayor for Kumbo council who ruled for close to 25 years has been appointed by the CPDM and La Rep’ PM “Deputy National Coordinator of the presidential plan for the reconstruction and development of the North West and South West Region” and shall be entitled to the various benefits provided for by regulations in force:

Mayor njong Donatus

That is a great Nso man whose political party has been humiliated and now enjoying but appointments from the very regime that he fought for years to overthrow : While we do not doubt the competencies of Mr Njong Donatus, we only can conclude that SDF has finally proven itself to be a sub party to CPDM clearly as we can now see the evidences seems in CPDM now appointing strong Southern Cameroonians whose positions were snatched because of the failure to listen to the Ambazonians calls for boycott etc :
In the days ahead, others like Mbah Ndam etc who took the risks to go to the field for the rerun and still failed shall be benefiting like Mayor Njong: while we respect his choice to join La Rep; we wish him well for he was considered one of the icons of Nso who stood for the people but as the saying goes, time tells .

Although we have not contacted Mr Njong to know if he is aware and has confirmed the appointment , we also have not seen any disclaimer from him and as such might has made his choice as an enabler .

The appointment did not state if SDF has joint the government directly or if the Mayor and those appointed has crossed carpet : Again only time will tell.

Scandy Media

Cameroon plays double standards against the corona virus

Yaoundé 17-03-20 Cameroon should stop the war if they truly and honestly want to fight the pandemic in good faith:

Cameroon’s PM announces a shut down without providing solutions to sustain the lives of those whose businesses will be affected: They copy words from the west and paste but ignore that the west provides avenues for survival: The greatest corona in Cameroon will be a crippled economy as many will die after the disaster: Why claim to protect lives when you are killing thousands in Ambazonia? Is it because the cases are found in Yaoundé for now ?

You can’t close restaurants, bars, transportation etc without a package to keep these firms alive at least for the time being; yet you still send soldiers with tax payers money to kill civilians in Ambazonia daily ever since the pandemic started: The soldiers are killing 50 times more than the virus ?

Stop the war and divert the resources to livelihood and you will come out with a win- Win situation : Other African countries can shut down their countries and survive but Cameroon ?? can not because of the war and killing of tax payers and workers :
All the countries Cameroon would expect aid from are affected by the virus and as such they should not think they will manipulate them with Boko Haram to get assistance this time around to kill southern Cameroonians with : Shey Tatah.

4 year old girl murdered by President Biya’s forces in Kumbo

Romajai – Kumbo 03-03-20: A 4 year old girl has been targeted, shot and killed this evening about 5 pm local time at the Romajai – St. Augustine’s Junction using the most deadly weapon AK.

The family members that spoke to Scandy media narrated the painful massacre that the child was out playing when the Military positioned at the Kumbo water tank suddenly opened fire ? without any provocation and shot directly at the girl child who is barely 4:

Neighbors whom we spoke with confirmed the murder stating that it is a normal routine that the military that took over the water tank for 3 years now starving the population of Kumbo for portable water to shoot indiscriminately and sometimes they bring down as many trees as possible : They went ahead to narrate that these military men always on drugs and out of fear fire to scare the population to go out and loot after burning down the market and forced traders around the vicinity to close down due to bankruptcy.
The whole quarter is both in panic and tears asking why the Colonial SDO a son of the soul should be the one giving command to these military to massacre their own people :

The child belonging to one Goddy who once worked at the same park that has been closed is now being laid to rest : What a great loss as the helpless people are asking if there exist anything as International Community and why they will let president Paul Biya to massacre children and women at will and go free .
We extend our heartfelt condolences to Mr. Goddy and the entire family while hoping that the killers gave immediate justice :

Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Scandy Media)