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Cameroon 🇨🇲 military terrorists of Biya’s regime gradually packing out of Ambazonia

The LRC Military genocidal forces have packed out of Nwa, Tatum, Elak Oku and Ngie in Momo Division. Within the course of this week, they shall pack out of 15 more locations according to our intelligence from the presidency in Yaoundé :

An insider in the Force leaked to the Scandy Media platform that the multiple deployment of 67 military units to the 42 Sub Divisions of the North West Region is costing the already indebted regime so much money. Another reason advanced is that their long stay in the field is causing internal fights between them. E.g there was a fierce fight among them in Fongum (a village near Wum) in Menchum Division that led to many wounded. In Elak Oku, Tatum, Nwa and Ndop respectively, some Anglophones in the Military totally objected the stealing of goats, cows and chicken. It led to serious quarrels and infighting.

In Elak, Tatum and Nwa some denizens who were winning and dinning with them were seen packing out of Ambazonia too. In Elak some stupid people, 17 in number went to protest to the Colonial DO not to allow the military to leave but it was late. In Nwa, the vigilante group who were cooperating with them have left too. In Tatum, some locals who were cooking for them also left. The Bui Warriors have arrested some people in Tatum who were cooperating with them for investigations. We urge them to respect all Human Rights values during this investigation and gather more intelligence before their release without harm.

Early this morning and to confirm the disapperance of the military, the Bui warriors went to the court, opened places and found no military there, they went to the Kumbo prison but only the warders were found talking inside. Almost all the military sent to Kumbo because of the warrios and the crisis are nowhere to be found.

There is serious confusion at the presidency and quarreling amongst them as those against human rights shall be facing the ICC & ICJ

Yesterday Sunday 24-05-20, we reported the departure of BIR from Jakiri, worthy to note that a similar exercise occured saturday 23-0520 in Nkor Noni still in Bui County after a bloody fight between the BIR & the Army which led to the withdrawal BIRs from Nkor.

We also urge denizens to remain calm because this military pack out is not total as their gendarmerie and police stations are still stationed in these localities.


Barrister Shufai Berinyuy appreciates the prayers, concerns and interventions of all during the mistreatment towards his health

Shufai Berinyuy one of the Nera 10 abducted from Abuja Nigeria 🇳🇬 on the 5th of January 2018 and later illegally extradited Yaoundé Cameroon 🇨🇲 and detained incommunicado for 11 months & later sentenced to live, received one of the inhuman treatments ever:

shey Tatah & Shufai Berinyuy

Shufai was discharged last evening at around 8pm following interventions from many human rights leaders and lawyers:

Today Friday 22-05-20, Shufai was able to communicate to a few loved ones amongst Which was an informant of the Scandy media where he expressed his appreciation to many like the lawyers, Ambazonians, the one soldier that felt pity, the family including Ilaria Allegrozzi:

Shufai narrated his ordeal, stating that he was unconscious when he was taken to the hospital, stating that they told him when he recovered that it was President Sisiku that dressed him up: When SM asked him what actually happened; this is what he had to say :

“Some people say the forty days Lenten fast contributed to drain lot of energy such that when malaria And typoid struck it was deadly to the point of taken to hospital in hypoglycemia of less than 40%.
To make matters worse just when I regained consciousness the minister gave instructions and I was handcuffed to the hospital bed all night with my sister and all family chased out in the veranda. I tried fighting but little energy and the treatment discontinued until I submitted to the torture …”

He went ahead to state that “The article and press release from Human Rights Watch Washington DC Office gives a good summary because they were with a family member communicating and getting updates!!!“

Shufai went further describe the abuse asking “How can you explain someone just coming out of severe diabetic coma being handcuffed to bed while still on drips!!!?
It was when the alarm was blown off that according to Shufai “ The lawyers forced their way into the ward before making their press statement …“

Despite all the wickedness of La Rep citizens and forces there is always one with a human face that is touched by the spirit to assist the little possible : We insisted to know why Shufai has to go through such devastating torture: “That’s the question I put to them or had they got info that I was going to be smuggled out of the place? It’s very scary what happened … But I didn’t just give in to the soldiers. Though the pain was serious after they had handcuffed me to the bed!!! Mosquitoes infested ward became so horrible until one of the female soldiers who had refused being part of rubbish went and brought a bedsheet and covered me from mosquitoes like a corpse.
Shey Tatah Sevidzem

At least 4 civilians killed in Bui again by Biya’s military regime

Siminkov- Oku Bui County 24-02-20: The genocide continues in Bui as Cameroon ?? military forces invaded Simonkov a village sharing boundary with Oku and Kumbo in Bui county as early as 4 am with the help of “ Deflected or Atanga Nji boys” also known as vigilante groups:

The civilians in their sleep heard a series of gunshots as early as 4 am only to wake up to see at least 3 homes razed down by Biya military sent to wipe out Southern Cameroonians:

As if that was not enough, civilians trying to escape were shot at close range killing at least 4 on the spot. The Bui warriors ( the civilian defense) mobilized and came to the rescue losing one of theirs the newly appointed commander.
This barbarism comes less than 2 weeks following the massacre in Ngarbuh which the world is yet to recover from. The civilians keep asking when the International shall intervene and take serious actions against Biya Regime.
The civilians despite the painful tragedy are grateful to the Bui warriors for coming to their rescue otherwise it would have been worse than Ngarbuh.

Scandy media correspondent

Cameroon forces are keeping to their promise of interrupting activities in Bui

Mbve – Kumbo 28-11-19
Cameroon military kept to their words as they stormed the Kumbo main market Mbve firing as the population ran to safety : Their promise to terrorize the population continues:

Meanwhile the 3 UN vehicles to Kumbo have been followed by La Rep forces. Some say they followed the UN officials without their knowledge, others say the regime is claiming to provide security: The Bui population are waiting to see the drama while the warriors are facing more battles from many fronts : Pray for Bui as we still can not decipher why the military keeps attacking the county on daily basis : Scandy media Intel

Abdul Karim the Ambazonian Muslim scholar spoke on his abduction and Swiss talks with Chris Anu on ABC TV

This guy Abdul Karim is a brain: He gives hope to the hopeless : He took time to explain and open up about his arrest and the role diplomacy played for his release:

On the Swiss talks, he respected those that criticize the Swiss talks but says we should do so from a point of intellect not just words: Says the Swiss are just taking up a process that is up to us:
Says they are having talks with Swiss in a bid to end up with negotiations: They are not there to negotiate:
Next will be mediation and then negotiations : He used the dictionary to explain:

He went to Switzerland because someone had started listening to his cry: He thanked them for recognizing the crisis and he was going to listen to them:

He admitted that this is time to sure we are mature enough to face anyone and we can’t do it on YouTube and facebooks : He condemns the 1000 conditions we give to people willing to listen to us.

He was asked if he was given any financial compensation apart from his logistics ? He said nothing was done at all . He says he will go even to talk to the “evil France ?? “ if they called him to talk about peace in SCs.

Swiss chose HD and could choose any other . He says he can walk out if he sees that Swiss fails to provide justice .

He had no hard proofs on the allegations on Swiss buying restoration forces to go to some talks but we should be vigilant but not noisy.

On the impact of politicians resigning from parties: He said it had no impact on him as it does not move him but that we should be careful with politicians as they play games . We have to be vigilant he cautioned .

Back to Swiss, what word to those who pulled out:? He said we should not put our carts before the horse : We must pay attention to ourselves : He recognizes constitutions and wants to be in a train carrying SCs. He wants a unanimous reason not unified reason. We need to go and listen , we don’t have to talk , we can go listen and go out .

Admitted that people go to La Rep dungeons and never come out the same : He said he was a changed person and change does not really mean traitors . He says money can not buy him but reason : what has changed in him is that he has become more radicalized. Not after what he has seen in jail with women and kids who have never seen a lawyer. Sometimes to go fast, we need to go slow .
He realized we are fighting a military and diplomatic war and we need to change the language than the one on fb that people want.

He is never afraid of picking up but of elimination: what is in that place is hell. When I see the kind of infighting and lack of collaboration I am afraid but not for myself.

On a Federal system he said SCs despite that people say it’s up to the people to have a right to self determination. Self determination is for us not the others.

About the message he wrote a disclaimer on, he said if he was consulted he would not have made a disclaimer and that politics means nothing to him. The Ground Zero restoration council or something as such is the name.

On his triumphant entry to Bamenda , the Muslims did the horse thing but it turned out to be a feast also from Christians. He was grateful but he never organized them :

Is the French Cameroon going for the Swiss talks ? He said diplomacy is high level confidentiality. He has but questions if la Rep has come out to say they are not part of the process ? No.
People want to position themselves to enter in a position of strength, do they say we are involved? He respect opinions of Akuroh Mbah but said signing does not mean endorsement. We need to come together and be there together to correct each other . We have evidence that we want settlement .

Those going there should represent SCs and nothing else and not dictating who should be there. The door should be open but not wide with scrutiny.
The next engagement will come soon, will he go ? He said even if chad ?? invited he would go meaning if he is invited, he would.

On the special status, he had this to say that it was witchcraft and madness , that such status should be given to other regions of la Rep not an independent state like SCs.
Summary by Shey Tatah from Scandy media platform