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Bloody Day in Kumbo leaving 7 lives wasted

Berlem- Kumbo Bui County

Seven civilians shot and killed by La Rep colonial forces forces today in Berlem an outskirts of Kumbo towards Mbiame.

These 7 Motorbike riders were on their way from a village known as Mbam through Dzeng in the Nkum Sub County on a condolence visit to a family member that lost the brother.

La Rep military connived with the Mbororos of Berlem who of late had been in conflict with the ‘Amba Boys’ (name given to the Southern Cameroons or Ambazonian self defense forces) and attacked the boys shooting them one after another. They took from one Mbororo what is known as ‘Odeshi’ a certain local necklace, bangle or chain claimed to have supernatural powers sometimes made with cowries and a red piece of cloth and tied in the neck, waist or hand as protection against the enemy and used on each of the boys before killing them to portray as ‘Amba Boys’.  The same ‘Odeshi’ was used on each of the boys before being shot as you can see from the Images. These civilians were unarmed, yet they chose to waste their lives.

Photo credit Doh Emmanuel Sama:

When they realised their blunder that “Amba Boys” would move with weapons to defend themselves and these civilians were unarmed, they brought our their cartridges (bullets) and took pictures of them as using their own guns would betray them the more.

One will wonder why the Mbororos would connive with the La Rep military to massacre innocent civilians, but the action is linked to a tension and misunderstanding that occurred few  days ago when SCs Restoration forces attempted to arrest one Mbororo armed robber who was also referred to as a traitor, (acting as an informant to the military against the Amba boys) who narrowly escaped. His name we got as Issa later escaped from Berlem to Takui when the arrest failed, due to the assistance of other Mbororos who resisted the arrest.

In the confrontation, one Mbororo lost his life. The Mbororos as it is rumored hinted their leader Mallam Ndawara Dan Pullo, an influential and rich man in the regime who reacted and ordered for the military to attack the population. The military arrived Dzeng the next village after Berlem towards Mbiame, shot and killed one civilian, took away properties and burnt down houses and shops.

Yesterday two military trucks mixed with Mbororos left Kumbo for the same crisis area which has angered the population following a series of harassment left and right. This has provoked the “Amba boys” who have sworn to avenge the death of the innocent civilians.  By the time of our contact with our informant, we learnt a fierce battle was taking place between the Mbororos and the “Amba boys”.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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Did the court of First instance summon only the Bishops of Bamenda?

The allegations that three out of the 4 mainstream churches in the Anglophone region of Bamenda  summoned to court (Catholics, Presbyterians & Baptists) have been declared as mere rumors by the Presbyterian authorities as they argued that such a summon had not reached the moderator yet. “The Communication Secretary of the PCC, Rev Mokoko Mbue Thomas said it was only a rumor and told reporters that to the best of his knowledge the PCC Moderator has not been summoned except the said summon is still to reach them.” CIN

Nothing has been heard from the Baptist authorities but the Bishops of the catholic church have made the summon public, and it is even all alleged that the Archbishop announced in church Friday 14th during Friday service that he and his collaborators have been summoned before the court of first instance in Bamenda because of some “silly” allegations on the 21st of april 2017 and that Christians were welcome to accompany them who are also part of the accusations.

Bishops from Nso

Archbishop of Bamenda


Bishop of Kumbo

Here are the scanned copies of the Summon of the Roman Catholic Bishops in the Ecclesiastical Region of Bamenda . Some major points/accusations worth noting; the complaint accuses the church of not paying teachers hence affecting or depriving the state of enjoying taxes, want to win the sympathy of teachers and parents for collecting money and not paying teachers and most interestingly for me demands the church to pay 150 billion francs cfa for the damages while jailing the church leaders.

If the Catholics have to pay the price, what of other church authorities? CIN reports that “The PCC has 22 Secondary schools, 233 Primary and Nursery schools with 640 and 980 teachers respectively. All these schools have remained closed since the strike action began.” Does this mean that they have been paying their taxes and teachers and therefore should not appear before the court?

The Muslims have a good number of schools and teachers as well, but they have not been accused meanwhile schools have also been interrupted likewise the Baptist institutions. Shall the government look into their cases later after dealing with the Catholics? Could the Catholics alone have stopped the strike if they asked their schools to resume?

It should be noted that during the PM’s visit, the Catholics and other authorities promised to keep their premises open and that it was left on the parents to decide when to send their kids to schools, but the parents had opted for security of their kids than education.

After reading the summons and the counts, Gwaranko Mdzeka had this comment to make; “The government of this nation,just like any with of its ‘type’,is a specialist in diversion.the government must know like us all,that her failure to give subventions to private / confessional sectors of our educational system,has contributed also to the non payment of these teachers.has the government,now throwing the first stone paid the contract teachers she employs ? Has any one dragged them to court ? These are the last tricks of a ‘dying dog'”

The Church leaders have opted to write to the faithfuls and also asked them to accompany them to court.

Why should the church and religious leaders be used as “escape goats” for the failed school resumption? Who did not do his homework well. With the religious leaders called up to court, might change then events of things and this can again be another ploy to buy time for the struggle and carry out more arrests disrespecting the orders of the UN that has called for release and dialogue.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem.

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Hon. Wirba calls for calm and intensifying Ghost Towns

Where there is misunderstanding and miscommunication, there is bound to be chaos.

Whether the Anglophone struggle is characterized by power tussle, misunderstanding, miscommunication, selling out, treachery/betrayal, Xenophobia, unsustainability etc, this should not derail the committed Anglophones who are a united people from their goal. The mail below supposedly (because when Hon. Wirba speaks, he uses West Cameroon more Southern Cameroons) from Honorable Wirba Joseph now referred to as the Cameroon Martin Luther, is not only emotionally touching especially as he lays his life for his people but gives hope and the reason to keep the struggle until the resistance comes into effect fully. Below is the full version of the clarion call for liberation.

I am Wirba







My dear people of Southern Cameroons, our winning – Passive Resistance Campaign and Ghost Towns is at the verge of total collapse if we do not wake up. Celebrations in Bamenda yesterday 23rd February 2017 during the African Nations Cup tour was a total betrayal to our brothers in jail and those killed by our colonial masters. La Republique du Cameroun and their agents across our land are using unorthodox schemes to neutralise our defiance. I call on all Southern Cameroonians to rally behind the temporal leadership of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium.

Mark and Ivo, you represent the People of Southern Cameroons and you have our full support. You’re in a better position than us to give our people direction. I personally plead to my brother Mr Tassang to return to the fold, and give the temporal leadership of the Consortium full support. We are close to victory. A house divided cannot stand. I also call on all Southern Cameroons liberation organisations to rally behind the temporal leadership of Mark and Ivo. Ghost towns MUST continue every Mondays and Tuesdays and be strictly enforced across our land, until our Statehood is restored. Our towns and villages has been completely militarised, internet cut off and we have no place or voice in our own land. The tortuous road which has led from Buea to Ekona Mbenge, Akwaya to Mamfe, Kumba to Bamenda, Ndop to Jaikiri, Furawa to Nkambe (not exclusively) bears witness to this truth.

This is the road over which countless Southern Cameroonians despite the risk of unrestrained brutality are daring to ask for a return to Federation. The road has opened for millions of our disadvantage, vulnerable citizens a new sense of dignity and a spirit of militancy. In increasing numbers, we’re creating alliances in the Diaspora and across our beautiful land to overcome the orders of our slave masters and their cahoots.

It has led to the so call National Commission for Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, and it will, we are convinced, be widened and lengthened into a super highway that will give our tired feet new strength as we continue our forward stride toward an autonomous Southern Cameroons. In the depths of my heart, I am mindful of the many people who are making our winning Passive Resistance Campaign and Ghost Towns successful – the temporal leadership of the Consortium, our teachers, our lawyers, youths, bike riders, taxi men, ‘bayam-sellam’, students, unbiased journalists, grieving parents, those in the diaspora, who despite freezing temperatures are making their voices heard.

Many of you will never make the headline and your names might not appear in Who’s Who. But you are the true unknown patriots and our heroes. Please do not give up. Not when we are close to victory. Our long walk to freedom has just started. The faith we have in one another is the courage that inspires us to face the uncertainties of the future. Our freedom cannot be complete while our leaders and comrades are in prison, in hiding or on the run. Because we share the responsibility for being the proverbial keeper of our brother and sister, none of us should sleep comfortably while our brothers and sisters remain in jail.

To shameless Southern Cameroon Parliamentarians SDF and CPDM alike, who for “Thirty Pieces of Silver” have betrayed their own sons and daughters, clinging tight to Yaoundé, while pretending to be acting in our best interest, we say to you that when years have rolled past and when the blazing light of truth is focused on the awesome age in which we live – men and women will remember and children will be taught in schools that you gave the government of La Republique the legitimacy for today’s whining bullets, mortar bursts and wounded justice, lying prostrate on the blood-flowing streets of Southern Cameroons.

To privilege slaves, so call elites and the Judas Iscariots in the house who have been trying to divide our people, you are worst than the gendarmes and the BIRs put together. We say to you that right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant and unarmed truth and unconditional love will reign supreme across our land. Because of your greed, rapacious desire for wealth, favour, status and power, you have made our days dreary with low-hovering clouds, our nights darker than a thousand midnights and our journey to freedom longer. History will remember you. Your children and their grandchildren may never be able to erase this stain.

I have been declared persona non grata by my colleagues for speaking the truth in parliament and for calling on them to return home. We all know that if our MPs return home, it is game over for our oppressors. So, I reiterate my call on Southern Cameroonians to call on their MPs to return home. The only reason why we (Members of Parliament) are in the Ngoa-Ekelle Glass House is because of you, our constituents – the people. I appeal to true imams and church leaders across our land to join the people in this clarion call. As I communicate to you, there is a special squad from Yaoundé with strict orders to kill me. This may be my last opportunity to communicate to you my people. Please, always remember that I will never betray you.

Dear comrades, please, never forget these words….“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty
This injustice is not limited to our colonial masters and their brutal gendarmes who’re killing our people for asking for federation. It applies to their personnel in our towns and villages who keep sending their children to school. It applies to every collaborator who’s defying the orders of the people’s Consortium and forcing lecturers and teachers to return to class when our demands have not been made. It applies to MPs and so call elites who are going against the wishes of the very people they’re supposed to be representing. We must resist them by all means to the last child. You the people of Southern Cameroons must resist more than ever before. No man or woman is bigger than the people – our Consortium. Please, join “The Wirba Resistance” group on Facebook and help us give the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium an unmatched impetus. We must continue to resist and de-legitimize the colonial government of La Republique du Cameroun and its colonial administrative authorities across our land, until they bow.

Hon Wirba


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Bishops, Priests and Rev Sisters at the Central Mosque in Kumbo

By Sr. Priscilla Yein Wulaiwimia

Bishops,Priets & Religious at the Mosque

Bishops,Priets & Religious at the Mosque

“We must go beyond all barriers”, Bishop Dennis Kofi Agbenyadzi SMA, of the Diocese of Berberati , Central African Republic, told our Muslim brothers at the Kumbo Central Mosque on Friday 18 March, 2014. The young, zealous and dynamic prelate, who is barely two years a Bishop, stands tall in the heart of the crisis in Central Africa. He has been described by many as an icon of peace, unity and reconciliation. The main objective of his visit to Kumbo was to reciprocate the solidarity of the Catholic Church and the people of Kumbo towards Central African Republic (CAR) during the crisis.

Coincidentally, he arrived Kumbo on the day the Muslim Community had planned to handover their own quota for support of CAR refugees to the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis (TSSF). He grasped the opportunity and went to commune with the Muslims, accompanied by Mgr. George Nkuo, the Bishop of Kumbo, Fr. Joe Lukong, the Canon of Kumbo Cathedral and a host of Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis. During his sermon, the Imam called for forgiveness, love, peace and acceptance of other religions.

Mgr. Dennis, the Courageous missionary, whose driver is a Muslim, refutes the claim that the CAR Crisis is a religious war as presented by the International media. He asserts that those causing all the atrocities cannot tell you why they are fighting when the rebels had long gone. The youth who are mostly school dropouts are just being politically manipulated to use the situation for looting. “If that were the case, I would not have hosted over 4,000 Muslims in my house”, declares the Bishop.

From his radiating joyful and determinant countenance, it is evident that Mgr. Dennis has given the crisis in the CAR, a pastoral dimension by looking to the future with ardent hope. He admonished the Christians of Tobin Parish in the following words, “in the chaos of life, God brings new things. So, never give up, live the present moment, try to go beyond the physical and see the image of God in his creatures. Above all, never allow yourselves to be manipulated because once war begins, it is hard to end”. It is no doubt that he sees the Muslim children born in his compound and named ‘Monsignor’ as a sign of life.

He expressed deep appreciation to the people of Kumbo and elsewhere for the prayers and generosity demonstrated towards CAR. He added that we never know we need other until we find ourselves in situations like the one currently experienced in CAR. Bishop George confirmed it by underlining that, the gesture was only the beginning of greater collaboration. The Grand Imam simply declared that this collaboration was long overdue and saw the coming together as a positive outcome of the war. Finally, Bishop Dennis, thanked and encouraged the Media in Kumbo for their hard work and sincerity.

He left Kumbo with fond memories of a hospitable people. Above all, he cherished the blessings of the mother of Cardinal Tumi’s who referred to him as ‘baby bishop’. He went along with part of the second consignment of gifts and food items donated. He invites all to continue to pray for CAR and also to endeavor to visit them in future.

More Pictures here:

Sr. Priscilla Yein Wulaiwimia

P.O Box 8, Kumbo

Bui Division

North West Region


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The Kingdom of Nso

The Paramount Fon Of Nso

The Paramount Fon Of Nso

Nso is one of the Biggest Tribes (Kingdoms) In Cameroon situated in the North West Region in Bui Division. The Capital of Nso is Kumbo originally called Kimbo. It is one of the few Kingdoms in the country that still uphold and protect the heritage of their tradition and cultural values. At The Head we have the King often referred to as the Fon of Nso; His Majesty Sehm Mbinglo I. He is the Paramount leader of others Fons in Bui Namely Oku, Noni, Mbiame, Nkar, Kiluun, Nseh, Mbokam, Ndze’en, Dzerem etc. The Kingdom founded by a woman Ngonso also has some other Traditional Rulers like Shufais, Fais, Sheys, Yaas, Fengais etc.  These people wrongly referred to as Banso has a very rich but oral traditional history. Although Oral Tradition can at times lead to some uncompromising stories/facts, the aspect of handing History down through story telling has helped to trace the History of Nso as far back as the 14th century. Nso is known for producing most intellectuals in the country, one of which is Late Professor Bernard N. Fonlon who stood behind the translation of the Cameroon Anthem from French to English, a controversial translation that has been debated for decades. He smartly read the French version and gave the English version more of what he believed would fit the honor of the country.

Professor Bernard N Fonlon

Professor Bernard N Fonlon

In terms of Religion, the Catholic Christians are a majority in the Kingdom and have spread to the ends of the tribe. Nso was the best clan to produce the First West Cameroon native Priest Rev Fr Aloysius Wankuy from Nkar Fondom. Nso became the first clan to produce three Bishops at a time namely Archbishop Paul Verdzekov (Of Blessedmemory), Bishop Bushu Emmanuel of Buea Diocese and Archbishop Tumi Christian of Douala Archdiocese the First and Lone Cardinal for the whole Republic. Resently another Auxilary Bishop for Bamenda Archdiocese happens to come from Djottin-Noni Bishop Nfon Agapitus still amongst the Fondoms under the Paramount rule of the Fon of Nso.

Archbishop Paul Verdzekov

Archbishop Paul Verdzekov

Bishop Bushu

Bishop Bushu Emmanuel

Christian Cardinal Tumi

Christian Cardinal Tumi

Bishop Nfon Agapitus

Bishop Nfon Agapitus

Apart from the Catholic Church, the Baptist and the Presbytarian churches are waxing very strong in the Kingdom. One of the Greatest Pastors in Cameroon in the Presbytarian happened to be from Nso who was not only a member and founder of the Nso History Society but a man that dedicated his full life for the service of mankind. He stood the test of time and said No to materialism, winning lives and souls for the Lord. Although he is of late, his legacy remains. Read more on Pastor Fai here Closely followed population wise, the second largest religion in Nso are the Muslims. The lone religion that has succeeded to consolidate its position to build and maintain a mosque in the Palace despite the criticisms it face in the 70s.  The Muslim through a long but peaceful conflict in the 80s resulted in kind of schism and the emergence of two main Mosques, one in Mbve at the Hausa quarters and the one in the palace. It is very likely to see people leave Mbvefor kumbo mosque and vice versa on fridays, yet these muslims have remained strong despite this “cold war” that exists amongst them. Every year, Nso muslims visit the Holy land in Medina and Mecca and this year witnessed a total of more than 30 pilgrims. The reception upon return is often compared to the crowd pulling event when Kumbo Strikers ascended into Division one of the elite championship.

Nso Muslims return from Holy land

Nso Muslims return from Holy land

Nso Muslims return

Nso Muslims return

Nso Muslims returning

Nso Muslims returning

Return of Nso Muslims

Return of Nso Muslims

Nso Palace Mosque

Nso Palace Mosque

Nso Mosque

Nso Mosque

The palace and the Mosque can be watched here: Before you might want to read about the Nso History below, you might also want to Listen to  The historian Professor Verkijika Fanso giving a lecture on the history of Nso’. Recorded in Yaounde in 2003 by David Zeitlyn who introduces the speaker and asks a question at the end. Watch here: You may read here for the Intoduction: Other Links include: 1 Settlement in Kovvifem: Click her 2. OFFSHOOTS FROM KOVVIFEM DYNASTY. still under construction 3. A Nso Man By Jeverth Nsoyuni (Hope someone writes about Nso woman) Link here 4. Nso Culture and Human Rights By Shey Kosho Donatus:  Read here 5. THE 2011-2012 NGONS0′ CULTURAL FESTIVAL: Its unique importance to the history of Nso’ By Rev. Fr Tatah Mbuy (fara woo kilesia) See Here 6. THE RESTORATION AND PRESERVATION OF NSO’ PATRIMONY: Some practical reflections By Rev Fr. Tatah Mbuy: More Here: 7. How to Become a member of the Nso History Society (NHS) By Rev Fr Tatah Mbuy: Read on NHS here:

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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