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Mola Njoh Litumbe, Southern Cameroons Independence Leader and Father dies

Douala – Cameroon: One of the encyclopedias of the Southern Cameroons Library also known as the “Iroko Tree“ Mola Njoh Litumbe has been “burnt” down: Mola Njoh died Tuesday 26-05-20 at a Hospital in Douala- Littoral and Cameroon’s economic Capital at 94.

Mola Njoh Litumbe

As soon as his dead was announced, many took to the social media to extend their condolences and these are some of the messages :

Very sad, indeed. My deep sympathy and sincere condolences to Mola Litumbo & the Litumbe family.
Pa Njoh Litumbe, our Moyo & family friend, was a great man. As the first Cameroonian to become a Chartered accountant in the UK, in the late 1950s, he left his footprints in the sands of time. He was a man of strong character, transparent integrity and high principle. He was also a role model, who had the courage of his conviction to stand up against injustice and marginalisation of the Anglophones. He will be sorely missed. May His Soul Rest in Perfect Peace.🙏🏿 Barr. Diko M.M

As a rule of thumb, the moment is now for venerable folks in Anglophone Cameroon to contemplate immortalizing their scholarship as their opportunity cost before flatlining. Taata

A man of steel. A man of Principle. Never quivered in his quest for the liberation of SC. You will always be remembered. History will never forget you. Nto

What a sad news. My greatest freedom fighter. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Dr. Ebot

He kept the Christian faith and lived with his political convictions. Chief N.M

What a sad news. My greatest freedom fighter. May his soul rest in perfect peace. He has done his part.. we will remember him for his own works… Yume & Wole C.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem- SM

Cameroon forces are keeping to their promise of interrupting activities in Bui

Mbve – Kumbo 28-11-19
Cameroon military kept to their words as they stormed the Kumbo main market Mbve firing as the population ran to safety : Their promise to terrorize the population continues:

Meanwhile the 3 UN vehicles to Kumbo have been followed by La Rep forces. Some say they followed the UN officials without their knowledge, others say the regime is claiming to provide security: The Bui population are waiting to see the drama while the warriors are facing more battles from many fronts : Pray for Bui as we still can not decipher why the military keeps attacking the county on daily basis : Scandy media Intel

Abdul Karim the Ambazonian Muslim scholar spoke on his abduction and Swiss talks with Chris Anu on ABC TV

This guy Abdul Karim is a brain: He gives hope to the hopeless : He took time to explain and open up about his arrest and the role diplomacy played for his release:

On the Swiss talks, he respected those that criticize the Swiss talks but says we should do so from a point of intellect not just words: Says the Swiss are just taking up a process that is up to us:
Says they are having talks with Swiss in a bid to end up with negotiations: They are not there to negotiate:
Next will be mediation and then negotiations : He used the dictionary to explain:

He went to Switzerland because someone had started listening to his cry: He thanked them for recognizing the crisis and he was going to listen to them:

He admitted that this is time to sure we are mature enough to face anyone and we can’t do it on YouTube and facebooks : He condemns the 1000 conditions we give to people willing to listen to us.

He was asked if he was given any financial compensation apart from his logistics ? He said nothing was done at all . He says he will go even to talk to the “evil France ?? “ if they called him to talk about peace in SCs.

Swiss chose HD and could choose any other . He says he can walk out if he sees that Swiss fails to provide justice .

He had no hard proofs on the allegations on Swiss buying restoration forces to go to some talks but we should be vigilant but not noisy.

On the impact of politicians resigning from parties: He said it had no impact on him as it does not move him but that we should be careful with politicians as they play games . We have to be vigilant he cautioned .

Back to Swiss, what word to those who pulled out:? He said we should not put our carts before the horse : We must pay attention to ourselves : He recognizes constitutions and wants to be in a train carrying SCs. He wants a unanimous reason not unified reason. We need to go and listen , we don’t have to talk , we can go listen and go out .

Admitted that people go to La Rep dungeons and never come out the same : He said he was a changed person and change does not really mean traitors . He says money can not buy him but reason : what has changed in him is that he has become more radicalized. Not after what he has seen in jail with women and kids who have never seen a lawyer. Sometimes to go fast, we need to go slow .
He realized we are fighting a military and diplomatic war and we need to change the language than the one on fb that people want.

He is never afraid of picking up but of elimination: what is in that place is hell. When I see the kind of infighting and lack of collaboration I am afraid but not for myself.

On a Federal system he said SCs despite that people say it’s up to the people to have a right to self determination. Self determination is for us not the others.

About the message he wrote a disclaimer on, he said if he was consulted he would not have made a disclaimer and that politics means nothing to him. The Ground Zero restoration council or something as such is the name.

On his triumphant entry to Bamenda , the Muslims did the horse thing but it turned out to be a feast also from Christians. He was grateful but he never organized them :

Is the French Cameroon going for the Swiss talks ? He said diplomacy is high level confidentiality. He has but questions if la Rep has come out to say they are not part of the process ? No.
People want to position themselves to enter in a position of strength, do they say we are involved? He respect opinions of Akuroh Mbah but said signing does not mean endorsement. We need to come together and be there together to correct each other . We have evidence that we want settlement .

Those going there should represent SCs and nothing else and not dictating who should be there. The door should be open but not wide with scrutiny.
The next engagement will come soon, will he go ? He said even if chad ?? invited he would go meaning if he is invited, he would.

On the special status, he had this to say that it was witchcraft and madness , that such status should be given to other regions of la Rep not an independent state like SCs.
Summary by Shey Tatah from Scandy media platform

CRTV Press Hour on Major National Dialogue

Press Hour 21-09-19
Anchor : Joe Kalabubse
Panelists: Prof Dzekwa Willibroad
Prof. Ngolle Ngolle, Prof. Nsoh Christopher & Mr. Stephen

All gave their appraisal of the president’s speech :
They all welcomed the dialogue called and were worried on how the Anglophone problem will be resolved when those being consulted are those who never admitted the existence of the problem: for Stephen to him it was a conference not a dialogue called: prof Nsoh prays that the dialogue not be politicized referring to the conflicting parties which is the state and Anglophones but Ngolle Ngolle turned it to Anglophone and Francophones which was not what was raised :

Ngolle Ngolle refuting what Nsoh said referred to Somalia as a failed state while Cameroon is not one: As such the head of state with the mandate has the right to do anything as the convener: Ngolle is talking about Cameroon whole Nsoh thinks that all Anglophone front line leaders need to be consulted as well if we mean business: That Anglophones should meet and come out with their grievances than to be swallowed by others: Fir him the time is not enough but hopeful that all should come to find a solution:

Stephen reminded what the president said about the dialogue coming within the framework of the constitution which does not even permit us to go beyond decentralization for now:
Dzegwa and Nsoh would have loved that cease fire and release of Anglophones take place for fairness to take place . Dzegwa is saying he sees a replay of Foumban as the time is too short : He refused that we do not know the problem as they move around talking to people who still do not know the problem even historians who can not lay hands to facts and figures as such the root cause of the problem is what should be handled as he repeats that many consulted do not admit the problem even traditional rulers who have been rejected by their people and more than 70% are Francophones that may crush the anglophone minority:

Ngolle took on role of political parties, who should not play the role like tripartite and Foumban from what he understood by what the president said: The major challenge for him are the participants who should understand that we must all prove that we are honorable citizens with integrity, honest intellectuals and no matter the differences, once the contributions come in, the convener will realize that Cameroonians means business while hoping that some will not make contributions that will tear us apart as we want to move forward together :

Dzegwa contested on the word of founding fires stating that what they decided were also violated :
Scandy media summary

NFU-Bongbati DK reached out to Southern Cameroons Refugees in Nigeria

Gembu- Sardauna LGA Taraba State Nigeria : More than 250 South Cameroonian women refugees assisted in the North of Nigeria by Nso Family Union NFU- Bongbati Denmark

On 24-26 May 2019, NSO Family Union (NFU) Bongbati, diaspora organisation member of ADEPT based in Denmark, provided first hand reusable kits to 250+ refugee women from Southern Cameroons settled in Gembu -Sarduana LGA Taraba state in Nigeria. Implemented in partnership with the ‘Days of Girls’ Nigeria organisation and the ‘Scandy Media’ platform, the action aimed at both, providing refugee women with sanitary pads and reusable kits while training them on how to take care of themselves. Partners used this opportunity to train the Scandy media local team on providing humanitarian response, thus enabling them to extend the action and help more refugees in need in other communities and villages.

More than 100.000 refugees headed to the neighboring Nigeria in search of protection, shelter and security, trying to flee armed conflict and political crisis in Cameroun. Some of them lost their lives in this difficult journey because of hunger, lack of shelter and poor health. Women and children are the most affected by the situation and need special care. The Southern Cameroonian refugees are mainly settled in Taraba state, one of the most remote and insecure regions of the North Nigeria. It is also one of the less assisted and difficult to access locations where Southern Cameroonian refugees suffer from hunger, poor living conditions and lack of access to health services. NFU Bongbati will continue providing humanitarian response to refugee women and call all the diaspora development associations and humanitarian organisations to join the action.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem