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A call to Stop Roger Milla & Co from Buea

  1. Buea-Cameroon: Stop peace Rally of Roger Milla, Samuel Eto & Song R. Bahanag

Roger & Co


The IG Communications Minister Chris Anu has called for a complete boycott and Stop of a peace Rally organized in Buea tomorrow Sunday the 10th of December 2017 by great football icons.

In an audio released on this subject, Mr Anu argues that these players have never condemned any killings perpetrated La Rep Regime but Samuel Eto was quick to go to Libya to liberate the few Francophones from slavery.

The IG Minister for SCs has called for these sports men and women to organize these peaceful rallies first in la Rep regions condemning the atrocities of the regime in Southern Cameroons.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

An Eventful month in Kumbo and The Nso Palace

Kumbo is indeed a Blessed Town:

April remains a memorable month for the Folks of Kumbo-Nso Bui Division. It takes only Divine Providence to witness what a town Referred to as Baghdad in the early 90s during the ghost town otherwise remains the “Holy Land” because of its attachment and involvement is Religious activities and a references to Cultural and Traditional heritage.

After the Fon’s return from Babunga where he was saluted by the Muslim community there, came the Easter week that was celebrated in high gear amongst all the Christian Churches in Kumbo and its environs.

Few days later precisely on the 9th of April, Kumbo Cathedral witnessed the Ordination of 4 priests, 2 for the diocese of Kumbo, 2 candidates of the OFM capuchins. The ordinations took place in St Theresa cathedral Kumbo officiated by the Rt Rev George Nkuo.

The Ordination paved the way for the Mayor’s day on  Monday the 13th of April 2015 marking the 10th Edition.
The Mayor of Kumbo Council Mr Njong Donatus Fonyuy reached out and communed with the less privileged of the Municipality by providing them with some basic needs such as soap, food stuff, clothing, health care, school fees, office equipment, etc. 

A Day later, which is the 14th of April, some of the Newly Ordained priests were in St Aloysius Minor Seminary, Kitiwum – Kumbo as ex-students  in an act of thanksgiving to God and to the institution. They were Frs Leo Ndanjong, Parfait Cheo and Lesley Fonye of the Archdiocese of Bamenda, Frs Paul Yong, Emile Bunila of the Diocese of Kumbo.

Kumbo Priests

Rev Fr Emile Bunila with roots from the Royal Family on the 15th of April Celebrated his First Mass at the Fon’s Palace with “Father”, HRM the Fon of Nso playing not only an important and participatory role but also grasped the opportunity to receive God’s Blessing’s through the hands of the Newly Ordained. A First mass that did not only witness a huge congregation but a flock of priests who stormed the Palace Hall to pray with their brother and colleague Rev Emile.

Last week, the Fon was busy communing with the Christians of Presbyterian Faith, when more than fifteen chiefs from Monatele in the south region stormed the palace.

According to Bulami Edward who is also accredited for some of the images, “They came to pay a visit to the senior divisional officer for Bui NZEKI Theophile, who had served in their place for five years.” The SDO Then took them to receive traditional Blessings from the King and they were granted a VIP Reception, reserved only for the Royals.
The Month has not ended yet, Rev Fr Cornelius Safe A Kumbo Diocesan Priest on further studies in the UK and Rev Fr Dufe Joseph (Wo Milan) A Teacher at the St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary (STAMS) and Parish Priest of Sop Parish of the Capuchin order shall be celebrating their 15th Anniversaries as priests respectively ordained on the 28th of April 2000 by the then Bishop Cornelius Fontem Esua.

Apart from the above Blessed kumbo News gathered, The Grasslander Newspaper enumerated on other happens in the Kumbo municipality as you can see from the Cover Page of the Newspaper where the highlighted the following activities that took and still taking place in Kumbo.



“Ok Clean Water and Caritas to ensure community water schemes are properly managed, the Support of Buifoot to School Games, Renewed Dream for Kumbo Strikers with coach Festus Koaban, plus the Dethronment of a Compound Head by the Fon of Nso. SHUMAS Cameroon continues to touch the lives of many through the handing of Roh Kimbo Bridge and Support to Dom Health Centre in Noni. Last but not the least, they highlighted the development side of CPDM 30th Anniversary celebrations in Bui with PM urging Oku to Protect Forest, Dr Yaa Lydia Fondufe Distributing Maize Seeds to Farmers and FCFA 2.5M raised by BUI I-A CPDM to support government’s fight against Boko Haram”. 

By Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)

NFU-Europe had a Successful Convention

The Three key words that could describe the Nso Family union (NFU)- Europe Convention are: Successful, wonderful and Great.

Nso Family union (NFU) – Europe whose Headquarters is in Hvidovre Municipality- Denmark is the Platform Organisation for all the Nso Groups and people in Europe. One of the main objective is to unite, promote and show case the cultural heritage of the people of that Kingdom. It also has some developmental goals which is achieved through culture and unity.

Meeting at the 3rd annual convention this time around in Frankfurt Germany, an event that pulled close to 300 participants started on friday the 15th with a gala football match between Cameroonians in Germany against the rest of Nso folks from Europe. The football match which the NFU-Europe trashed the German team by 9-3 was spiced by animation, meeting news faces and stadium dinner. Worth Noting that the convention was hosted by all the 4 German-Nso groups. The Bihkong based in Stuttgart, The Bongatati in the North, The Bongbati in Berlin and the Bongkong in the Frankfurt area.  Their leaders amongst which, Andrew Bankui, Ngo Banjika, Dr Nyuyki & Martin Shiyla respectively all worked with the media house Leh films by Dr Floribert Ngwan and our two publicity team Mr ngoran Elias & Shey Berinyuy to make this dream come true.

The Friday event was crowned by two important items, the amendment of the constitution moderated by Mr Ngoran Elias from Belgium and Andrew Bankui from Germany. Here, all Nso present made voices heard and took decisions on how they want their darling NFU-Europe be guided and guarded. The last item for the night was the usual “Ntangri” carried out by the Traditional rulers asking the intervention and guidance of the Ancestors for a successful convention which really was.

The success of the Convention gave a good flavor when the head of the Committee “Shufai” Martin Shiyla kick started at the statdium welcome the guests in a grand style on friday and on saturday during the official opening led with prayers Fengai Mbuy from Switzerland. The Head of the Adcom, Shey Gamsi Damasuis briefed the delegates with a compendium of events that led to the realization of the convention in Frankfurt, sending words of appreciation to his two collaborators, Shey Divine Dufe and Banjika Ngo Gilbert who were bereaved and could not make it to the convention.

Saturday 16th was a full day as delegates had their breakfasts as early as they could. The morning activities became so fun and flexible that the joy of meeting long old time friends, families, making new friends was the honor of the participants. The saturday program was coordinated and “MC’ed” by our able lady Thecla Mbunwe.

Two great talks were presented: one on the Nso Culture by Prof. Keller a German, who after her research in Nso thrilled the crowd on the concept of child care and what the Nso parents have to teach the Germans on how to bring up their kids despite the lack of modern facilities.

The second was from an NFU member Mrs Ngamsha Victorine a motivational speaker who gave a life time experience and instilled hope to the listeners. She called on forgiveness highlighting the advantages we enjoy when we learn to forgive.

The local organisations met in groups and had their deliberations, nominating and selecting candidates for the elections. This was closely followed by the elections proper coordinated by Shey Tatah Wo Scandy. At the time of the elections and roll call on saturday afternoon, 14 countries were present but only 12 of those countries were allowed to select candidates for the elections. The countries that were present by then, but not allowed to vote were Cameroon and Canada since they came as guests. Other 12 countries with selection and voting rights were;  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Louxenburg, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

The Longsi heated the hall to motivate the candidates for the elections.

The elections democratically conducted had the following winners:


Position Name Country 
President: Shey Damasuis Gamsi UK
Vice President Shey Dufe Divine Holland/Belgium
Secretary General Ngo Gilbert Banjika Germany
Vice Secretary Thecla Mbunwe Belgium
Treasurer Lydienne Fenlai Ngo Denmark
Financial Secretary Ngwang Guillaume Switzerland
Publicity Secretary Dr Floribert Ngwan Germany

Before the Installation of the new Exco, the kids stole the show with their talents. This can not be expressed in words but will be updated with the videos. One kid was able to recite the Nso History from start to finish, keeping the hall flabergasted. Other kids recited meaningful messages but at the same time entertained the hall. All that one could hear from the audience was…WoW..

The Great kids show dragged their parents from the “Mban” (a secret room, reserved only for masquarades) to present a special dance referred to as the Menang. The dressing of this menang  is completely different and often known for its romantic dancing styles.

Then came that moment of truth, The installation of the New Exco coordinated by the election head Shey Tatah.  Ushered to the stage by Litika Marie and Angela Viban and followed by the population was the relevation of the winner to the  long awaited position of the President.  He was accompanied to the stage by a crowd of happy participants. The name was never revealed but he was already picked up by the anxious crowd that worked on Rumor. This was in itself a sign of great acceptance.

The women dance did not allow the new exco to stand alone. They led a befitting dance (Toh) to bid congrats to the newly elected board and to let them know that NFU-Women are strongly behind them. The way the president was welcomed by the crowd had no other second message than, “We love you and accept you with all our hearts”.

The Kikum ke Belgium was not left, they joined the population to entertain not only the crowd but exhibited their total support to the new NFU Exco. What was so perculiar about this Kikum is the fact that it performed with the first ever “Ngon” in Europe.

The last cultural activity to close the evening event was the expected but most dreaded Nontang dance from the Scandy palace that took close to two months to trek from Ta mbve to Frankfurt. This time Nontang was so spectacular and performed in a very unusual way to the extend that it had to be carried away from the stage to reduce the level “pain and fright” experienced by our guests.

The Gala night slated for 11.30 pm started around midnight with the Nso artist Chris Sunjo performing one of his famous songs and raising some funds for the Union to stand on its feet. Almost all the guests and participants took to the stage to drop a penny for NFU-Europe as everyone was happy with the activities. The president was again supported by the traditional rulers to chip a token on the stage which was closely followed by the reading of the Fon’s message to the audience by Shey Emmanuel Berinyuy. His Majesty the Fon of Nso Sehm Mbinglo I appreciated and encouraged the Union to be a uniting force in Europe going beyond the boarders to bring every Nso son and daughter under the local associations and then to one platform NFU-Europe.

He regretted that due to some other commitments, he could not make it to the Convention but promised to attend one in the subsequent years.

The Nso people being very cultural, are also very religious. That is why they got up early despite the gala to give thanks to God during the Eucharist. The main celebrant Fr Clifford Ndi, co-celebrants Fr Gerard Jumbam all the way from Rome and Rev Deacon Ngamsha Nguru from the UK joined the Nso people to say  a Big Thank you for a successful Convention.

Rev Father Jumbam in his homily hammered on the need to unite and to live heaven on earth. He reiterated that Christians should be ready at anytime and live a good and enjoyable life not in the past, future but in the present so as to enjoy paradise. He understood the challenges one could face in organising such events but felt it was necessary as it gave room for him to realize and enjoy his own “Heaven” and to commune with the his own people he lost track for the last two years.

The Convention BBQ continued thereafter. Meeting of old mates and making of new characterized the BBQ. Delegates left the convention ground with no major incidents reported except for one Bongkong member from Germany that took ill. The security was high, no fights recorded, the convention ground recorded no negativity. By 10 pm the BBQ ground was deserted for bye bye Frankfurt and see you in Zurich -Switzerland August 2015


Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)

Do You Believe in Curses?

By Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)

It is very common to hear about curses in the traditional and cultural set ups and most especially in the Religious & church circles but very unusual to use that word in the world of Sports and particularly Football. This has become true in most media that report about sports (Football) and Benfica FC is that Team that has attracted the world’s attention.

Bela Guttman

Bela Guttman

It all started some 52 years back when Bela Guttmann, a Jewish Hungarian player and later coach was sacked as Team manager (Coach) from Benfica after having two successive seasons 1961 and 1962 winning the European Cup twice consecutively. His sack came as a result of his quest for salary raise. He left the club leaving a curse placed on the team (Benfica) never to win a European tournament in 100 years. Bela was born on the 27th of January 1899 and died in Austria 28th August 1981 at the age of 82.


Before the Finals yesterday, many media speculated if the curse would be broken, amongst those that shared their worries were BBC news…

“According to legend, he said the team wouldn’t win another European trophy for 100 years from the day he left.

But can the side break the spell and end the 52 year old curse when they face Sevilla tonight in the Europa final in Turin, Italy?”

Shari Terrence

Shari Terrence

On the Phone with me few hours before the start of match was Shari Terrence from Horsens who shared the same worry and told me he would pray for Benfica to win to break the curse. He shared that Benfica authorities had paid homage to Bela Guttmann’s grave to seek peace and ask him reverse the curse. As The match went on, he kept calling and sharing his views on the chances squandered by Benfica. before the penalty knock outs, he surrendered to his fear and bid good night to me.

Gilbert Yongka

Gilbert Yongka

Gilbert Yongka Of Afoni children og Hope in Kumbo puts a puzzle, Is it mere coincidence or a true? Here is what he has to say…

Seven times BENFICA has been European finalists since their former manager, Bela Guttmann laid down his hex in 1962, and seven times they have lost.
Refused a pay rise after leading Benfica to a second successive European Cup triumph, the Jewish Hungarian declared the club would not succeed on the continent for 100 years. True or coincidence?

Benfica Corner

Benfica Corner

Disappointed Benfica players

Disappointed Benfica players

Gilbert Yongka was not even far from the truth, it was the 8th Final as reported by Ashley Clements in Dailymail Uk.

As Benfica failed to win in a major European final for a record eighth time on Wednesday night, fans of the Portuguese champions will once again be looking to the sky and blaming the Bela Guttman curse.

Sivilla jubilates

Sivilla jubilates

sevilla went home with the victory but the big questions remain. Did Sevilla really deserve to win? The ball possession for the match stood at 48 for Sevilla and 52 for Benfica? Did the curse contribute to the defeat of Benfica? or was it mere coincidence at the 8th time?

from the guardian during his minute by minute report concluded immediately Benfica failed in the Penalty kicks …

“The curse is alive and kicking. Gameiro scores and Sevilla wins the Europa League! (That’s a guaranteed Spain double in the European cups!”

It is left for us to judge for ourselves but one thing is very clear, as Yvonne Nforchu shared yesterday, words do really have some powerful effects on us but my question is, should the words of others have that much effect or us? And for how long? What should we do to battle this out? Your guess is as good as Mine.