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I won’t Go to Court on Tuesday 02.05.2017,Barrister Akuwiyadze fires Back

A lot of noise has been made throughout mainstream media well and social media on the Press Release by The Bar President Jackson Kamga asking common law lawyers to return court on Tuesday the 2nd of May as indications of calling off the Strike. Barrister Joseph Akuwiyadze a Barrister at Law in Kumbo has reacted to Bar president fearlessly as another warrior of Nso. Worth reading and sharing

Pictures taken infront of kumbo high court with Shey Tatah last year

(By ShuSheey Barrister AKUWIYADZE)
I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017.

Lawyers in West Cameroon have lost income for six months and their families are suffering. Were they sacrificing for the usual promises?
No, Mr. President of the Cameroon Bar Council, I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017.

Consortium Leaders are in jail, some on self exile, while their families are suffering in Cameroon. Did they ask for promises?
No, Mr. President of Cameroon Bar Council, I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017.

Over 100 West Cameroonians, arbitrarily arrested and incarcerated in East Cameroon are suffering in jails for months. Is that why they are paying this price?
No, Mr. President of the Cameroon Bar Council, I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017.

Some of our children have been killed and their families are still in pain. Did they die for promises?
No, Mr. President of the Cameroon Bar Council, I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017.

Our children have sacrificed a whole academic year; parents have lost school fees paid; teachers in private schools are without salary for 5 months now. Is that what they sacrificed (and are still sacrificing) for?
No, Mr. President of the Cameroon Bar Council, I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017.

Business people in West Cameroon have lost income from sales by adhering to Ghost Towns. Some have seen their fortune go up in flames! What have they got in return?
No, Mr. President of the Cameroon Bar Council, I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017.

My colleagues are in jail while others have been forced to go on exile for daring to stand for the TRUTH! Are Lawyers not the watchdogs (whistle-blowers) of society?
No, Mr. President of the Cameroon Bar Council, I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017.
How can I go to court in a country where a Superscale Magistrate in active Service at the Supreme Court (Ayah Paul Abine) is arrested and incarcerated with impunity ~ without due process?
No, Mr. President of the Cameroon Bar Council, I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017.

How can I go to court when an Honorable Member of Parliament (Joseph Wirba) who did nothing more than his duty as a true Representative of the people (and not a hand-clapper) has been forced out of his country for telling the TRUTH?
No, Mr. President of the Cameroon Bar Council, I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017.

West Cameroonians have suffered more than enough in this Triangle since 1961 as their heritage has been completely wiped out!
Where is Cameroon Bank?
Where is NPMB?
Where is WADA?
Where is PWD?
Where is Yoke Power Station?
Where is Santa Coffee Estate?
Where are our much cherished Institutions? Health? Education? Justice? Law and Order? Etc, etc?
No, Mr. President of the Cameroon Bar Council, you are not an Anglophone and I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017.

If I should go to court on the 02.05.2017 or thereafter:

1. ALL our brothers and sisters arrested as a result of the strike action that we (Common Law Lawyers) started on the 11.10.2016 must be UNCONDITIONALLY RELEASED (with guarantees that there won’t be any further arbitrary arrests).

2. Internet Connection cut off from West Cameroon on 18.01.2017 must be re-instated.

3. The towns and villages of West Cameroon flooded with soldiers, must be de-militarized.

When the above pre-conditions would have been met, dialogue will resume so that the problem of marginalization of Anglophones in Cameroon is dealt with once and for all. The time is Now!

Is this a poem?
No, Mr. President of the Cameroon Bar Council, I won’t go to court on the 02.05.2017 or any date thereafter as I’m ready to boycott the courts for two years (renewable) until JUSTICE is done and seen to have been done to us.

West Cameroon.

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Hon. Wirba Joseph escaped Arrest as House Speaker refused to protect him

There is a lot of speculations about the where about of Cameroon’s Martin Luther King (Hon. Wirba Joseph). Some say he has escaped to Nigeria while other sources say he was spotted in Abuja at the US Embassy and should be in the USA. Whatever story we make out of it, The fact remains that there was a Warrant of Arrest from the Delegate general of the National Security to jail Hon. Wirba Joseph.

Hon Banadzem

At the start of the parliament, the group parliamentary leader of the SDF Hon. Dr Banadzem another Joseph diplomatically escaped the reason for Hon. Wirba’s absence from the parliament, stating that it was normal as not all parliamentarians were present. This, one could understand the MPs move to seee into it that Hon. Wirba be protected by not spilling the milk by the Speaker.

According to Wilson Musa on CIN, Hon. Banadzem admitted having received a copy of the Warrant, stating that it is the place of the speaker to protect one of his. This was not the case and Hon. Wirba had no option than to take on his heels. This exposes the lawlessly in the country as an MP can be arrested with Immunity. If this could happen to Chief Judge Ayah Paul, what more of others.

This defeats the report by detractors who thought that the Warrior escaped without a line drawn. With the Warrant available, it is but obvious that all leaders could not be jailed for some needed to be free to continue the struggle. Hon. Wirba could be a target to eliminate as he remains the only Hero to have challenged the regime openly in such a strategic position and time where international media got enough evidence.

He did not stop there but openly held a crowd pulling rally in his Division (Bui) in Kumbo despite the prefectorial Ban from the DO.

Alfanet news even tipped him for the post of the presidency as a freedom fighter and one who defiled all odds as a slave and arose in his master’s house asking questions.

Therefore anyone can be arrested in Cameroon, with or without an immunity.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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Francophone teachers threaten to strike 27th March?

It is not long since the 27th of February following the letter sent to the ministry of Education on an anticipated strike amongst the Francophone teachers on various grievances. The letter titled “Notice of strike”.  enumerates the grievances of thousands of teachers who complain about the conditions that have been thereupon completion of their trainings-graduation. With these complaints, thousands of indignant teachers threatened to go on strike on 27 March.

Pic credit- The standard tribune

The Ministry promised to look into the concerns and the teachers gave a deadline of a month else the would be strike on the 27th of march would be eminent. These include , the ineffectiveness of their care after leaving the teachers’ training colleges, the payment of arrears, the long wait for wages, among others.

The French teachers seems to have taken advantage of the Anglophone teachers’ strike and would want to use this to better their working conditions.

There is panic in the ministry of secondary education as this might add more salt into the existing injuries. The Ministry has not succeeded to get schools started in the anglophone zones for public exams to take place and avoid a blank school year, and if the Francophone  schools could join, this would be so obvious that they have labored in vain earlier than expected.

According to sources from CIN, They learned that MINESEC intended to bring the concerns raised by the outraged teachers through the attention of the inter-ministerial ad hoc committee responsible for finding lasting solutions to teachers’ problems.

Jack Bessala, the spokesperson for the collective representative of the indigenes of teachers says these are still words and would wait to see that such promises are transformed into action.

If the strike should hold, it might also hasten the solution to the Anglophone grievances everything being equal.


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Barrister Akuwijadze Joseph speaks out on Anglophone Marginalization

Barrister Akuwiyadze Joseph speaks out on the Marginalization of Anglphones and asks President Biya to apologize to All Anglophone Cameroonians. For 35 Years the president has never addressed Cameroonians in English from Yaounde yet one and indivisible.

I’m in East Cameroon ~ the land of Internet and civilization!!!
Depriving us of Internet Connection in West Cameroon amounts to collective punishment for a supposed crime that the due process of law has not been followed: audi alterem partem. Even God did not condemn Adam and Eve without first of all hearing from them. But then, it is interesting that the government has not yet taken steps to stop Anglophones who are in East Cameroon from using the Internet!
At Matazem (boundary between West and East Cameroon), cars going to East Cameroon are ransacked by the Forces. Those entering West Cameroon do not undergo the same treatment. Yet we are told that Cameroon is one and indivisible! Cameroon is divisible.
In 1990, Anglophones fought for re-introduction of multiparty politics in Cameroon. Francophones benefited and created a plethora of political parties. Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
In 1990, we, Anglophones students, in the then Federal University of Cameroon, sacrificed one academic year in our fight for the creation of an Anglo-Saxon University in Buea. In 1993, when the University of Buea was created, Francophones who never sacrificed anything, had five new Universities! Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
Anglophones fought for the GCE Board. Francophones had the BAC Board given to them on a platter of gold! Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
In the current struggle Anglophones have sacrificed a lot and are still sacrificing but all what the government has done, benefits Francophones. Anglophones have always fought for Francophones in this triangle called Cameroon. We plant and they harvest. Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
In 1961, two Independent States with equal status (Southern Cameroon and La République Du Cameroun) came together to form one nation ~ Federal Republic of Cameroon. In 1961 we were ‘divisible’. Today, are we indivisible?
I am an advocate for a return to the 1961 arrangement: a Federation of West Cameroon and East Cameroon. If a Federation means dividing Cameroon, then Cameroon is divisible.
For 34 years, the Head of State has never made any official Speech from Yaounde (31st December, 10th February etc) in English for Charles Ndongo or Alain Belibi to translate into French for Francophone Cameroonians. All such speeches have been in French, for Peter Esoka (aka Anglophone President) to translate into English. Yet Cameroon is Bilingual with French and English having the same status! If the Head of State speaks English only when he is in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon does that mean that he is in a foreign country? The Head of State owes Anglophone Cameroonians an apology for such marginalization and I expect his next Nation Address to be in English. Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
Suspects are arrested from West Cameroon and detained in East Cameroon. Are there no prisons in West Cameroon? They are tried in East Cameroon. Are there no Courts in West Cameroon? Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
While at a travel agency in Bamenda last week, I overheard a militarily youngman in a telephone conversation proudly telling his friend (I suppose) that he has slept with 50 women and that his target was to hit 100 before his assignment in Bamenda ends. Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
Government’s calls for schools to resume have fallen on deaf ears. Calls for ghost towns in West Cameroon are heeded to. The government with all the available arsenal, has failed (woefully) to get parents in West Cameroon send their children back to school. West Cameroon seems to be ruled by “small boys” from abroad!!! Is Cameroon one and indivisible?
We are told to leave politics out of schools. This is laughable because everything in any state (not only Cameroon) is decided by politicians. Politics is everywhere ~ even in our toilets!
I may go on and on and on, but one thing is very certain: those who say Cameroon is one and indivisible (whatever that means) are the very people who may soon divide Cameroon.
We’ll find a solution to the present stalemate when we decide to speak the TRUTH while looking at each other eyeball to eyeball. We cannot seek peace while doing injustice at the same time. For, as St. Puis X opines, WHERE THERE IS INJUSTICE, THERE IS NO HOPE OF PEACE BECAUSE PEACE IS THE WORK OF JUSTICE.
I have just expressed my opinion. If it is a crime for one to express his opinion in Cameroon, then this is the rope and this is my neck!!!
Those West Cameroonians who have gone into hiding because they fear arrest, are COWARDS!!!

ShuSheey Barrister Joseph AKUWIYADZE,
West Cameroon.

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Press Hour: What Can be done to get schools resume?

The hotted debate on Press hour this sunday started with the women’s day celebration that took place last Wednesday 8th March under the topic, what are they up to? The second part dealt entirely on the Anglophone crisis; The PM’s visit to the North West and resumption of schools. Invited as panelists, we have The Journalist Matute Menyelo, Tehwi Lambiv of CRTV, Hon. Naamukong Fusi MP Bafut and The Chairman of the GCE board Prof Peter Alange Abety.

The moderator Joe K started by saying that the women’s day is gradually taking up like a national holiday which is rather an International Day as the speakers could be heard challenging women to use this day more for education than celebration; that creating awareness on the plight of the women and fight for their rights was more important than parading the streets , drinking and partying till dawn. Prof Abety saw nothing wrong in celebrating citing that a lot of progress has been done. A compromise was arrived at giving the female (girl child) maximum education. some were of the thought that celebrations come with achievements and one could not see what the Cameroon women had achieved for the past 30 years and therefore more could be done to elevate the their plight. This debate took place without a lady taking part and talking on their behalf. Joe did acknowledge his attempts to get some in vain.

The second part of the debate was hitted and more on the Anglophone crisis taking cognissance with the visit of the Prime Minister Yang Philemon in the North West region for a 5 day session in 7 Divisions.

Joe started by stating that it was worrysome talking agin about schools resuming or effectively started agin despite that this had come up as many times as God alone can count yet a stumling block and big wall despite the PM’s visit.

Prof Abety took the floor stating that parents and teachers in the first place never wanted to keep the children at home from schools as he felts lots of concerns had been addressed and the trade union leaders had called off the strike. He went ahead to reiterate that as the GCE Board chair, he would go ahead to Organize the Exams despite the registration has witnessed more than 100,000 participants as compared to last.

His reason as he advanced was that not only students register for the GCE and that civil servants, and other groups of people do register for the exams to improve upon their grades or want to get promotion through those exams and that last year witnessed about 21,000 external candidates and such candidates could go ahead to sue them for not Organizing the Exams.

Hon. Fusi accused the Government for having the solution and yet refusing to provide and bring the crisis down to rest. He said we could not live in a country where people will cry for bread but yet be attacked, beaten, killed and arrested to unknown destinations. He said he could provide for evidences anytime and anyday and that children are living in the fear that they can not even go out to buy bread, how more can they go to school with such insecurity.

Tehwi Lambiv disagreed with the point raised by Prof. Abety to keep the chidlren out of the crisis to study while other issues are looked into. He said Education could not be isolated and that since Education is a basic human right, a secured and condusive atmosphere need to be provided for such and that this is not the case yet. He added that Goverment pushed people to exhaution with the hope that they will get tired and retire to nomalcy and give up. “You do not let people go into a coma before you begin treatment, preventive measures have to be taken.”Lambiv said.

Hon. Fusi when asked on the way forward questioned how many lives have been replaced, he insisted that people should be released, internet released, stop the arrests, withdraw the Military and most importantly that the government should read the documents from the Bishops and clergy and see what can be done. Last but not the least he requested for a 3rd party be it the Canadian Ambassador, British etc into a forum for dialogue and that once these people are brought together, good reflections will take place for principles and deadlines respected.

Lambiv said no teacher with a conscience will come to class when his or her colleague is in jail. Buea students and other university students will need the internet to do their research and students arrested will make others studying uncomfortable.

Matute cooncluded by requesting the father of the Nation President Biya to intervene and bring a solution himself. They stated that if the family has a problem, he can not let the first son to handle it, He can delegate powers of course but when they fail as is the case, he has the sole right to do something. “If the PM can spend 5 days in the North west and we still doubt the solution, then only the Big man can solve it himself”.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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