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Identifying African Diaspora Organizations in the Nordic States

Identifying & selecting African Diaspora Organizations in The Nordic Countries:

Our office  in the UK ADEPT would like to Identify all African Diaspora Development Organizations in all the Nordic Countries. This would mean all Diaspora Organizations that carry our Development Activities in any of the 54 African States.
We Intend to Identify/select at least 15 to 20 of such Organizations in each of the Nordic States and seek ways on how to practically assist them in their promotion to African Development.
This can be done through Organizing training Seminars in Capacity Building and Fundraising.  We expect you to either send us an email with a brief description of your Organization and the latest or list of projects you have carried out or intend to carry in Africa. The Contact person’s details are very important for feedback and the selection. Kindly Spread this info to all your networks on African Diaspora groups.
In November 2014, ADEPT organized a similar Conference in Copenhagen at the Scandic and Radisson Blu Hotels respectively in close collaboration with the African Chambers of commerce, The Danish refugee Council, ADDR and Filip Buff Pedersen from the Danish Mission counsel training on fundraising.
Details of the conference can be seen here:
ADEPT is a Platform i work with as a Volunteer and it is an interactive and informative platform gathering African diaspora and migrant organizations. The main objective of the platform is to promote the contribution of the Diaspora to act as a development actor for Africa. More About ADEPT can be seen on this Website:
Kindly forward the list of the organizations to following:
Shey Tatah Sevidzem:
 Ntende Peter.:     
The Final Selection shall be done with ADEPT Administration from the list we shall compile and send.
Please do not forget to share to all African Diaspora Organizations in the Nordic states. 
Kind regards
Shey Tatah