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Ndu IDPs in French Cameroon returning home for Christmas

Kumbo – 07-12-19: Kumbo today saw an influx of Ndu passengers returning from French Cameroon regions thanking the Restoration forces for chasing most of the military out who terrorized and forced them to flee to the same enemy camp: They are boarding for Ndu from Mbve Kumbo main market

Many said life was unbearable for them in the various regions in La Rep du Cameroon as they had nowhere to sleep, no food, no security, no freedom of movement and expression and they were being suspected and monitored all the time :

while some say they have come to spend Christmas with those they left behind, majority say they have returned for good saying it was a nightmare at the enemies camp.

Although they are aware of the military intimidation and attacks, they still think life is better home than elsewhere : They congratulate the Restoration forces for putting up a strong resistance against Cameroon terrorists and for risking their lives to defend them.

Many believe that if our restoration forces are given more support, they will completely do away with these Cameroon forces and provide maximum security.
One speaking to our reporter says, life is better home as home is home compared to la Rep. They would rather work to give intelligence to those protecting them than risk their lives outside , that staying out of home is like facing the same bullet from the military daily . He concluded that they prefer to sleep under the trees in Ndu their homeland than in streets in La Rep.

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Fako lawyers join those of the Northern zone to help stop assimilation bill

Buea- Fako 06-12-19: Fako lawyers in a communique today condemned the Bill Cameroon parliament were about passing but suspended on Section 19,authorizing the two official languages French and/or English to be used to pass judgement all over the National territory: Meaning francophone officials working in Anglophone regions where common law is practiced can use the French language or civil law to pass judgment:

They call this assimilation which is what President Biya himself confessed at the Paris peace summit weeks ago that they have tried to assimilate anglophones in vain:

The lawyers have rejected such bill and called on all and sundry to do same to stop such devilish plans to wipe out the Anglophone culture which is one of the reasons that brought the chaos today in Cameroon: This is the sign that Cameroon 🇨🇲 is not willing to ever resolve the crisis:

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An implicating day for Biya’s regime and military in Kumbo as they attacked UN/US officials

The UN/US officials were on a fact finding mission especially on the IDPs when they were attacked at around wainama towards Jakiri when the military colonial forces ran towards them and forced return their convoy back to Babessi where they were searched and accused for supplying military materials to the Restoration forces : They were intimidated and bullied despite that they earlier had a stop with the authorities before moving towards Kumbo .

The trauma was too much to bear and they considered returning but were called by some coordinators of the Bui warriors who sent some of the warriors for Wainama unit to escort them to Jakiri: As they left, la Rep forces from Kumbo who were hinted by those of Babessi had arrived Jakiri and gave them another thorough search and intimidation before letting them go. This time around the Bui warriors were informed and they decide to accompany right to Kumbo providing maximum security.

while in Kumbo they were to meet with religious authorities especially the Bishop of Kumbo and others and later the Baptist at the hospital premises before meeting other civil society movements.

We are told the Biya’s regime has questioned the aggressiveness of its professional army as what they planned to sabotage the attack on the restoration forces was all caught on camera. The evidences of the atrocities caused by military have been clear to them and they could imagine what the Ambazonians have been going through.

Some who met with these officials said he even suspected they were more of American using the UN facilities which could make matters worse for La Rep regime especially as they have been attacking and accusing the USA 🇺🇸 for destabilizing their country .

This is just one of the many atrocities meted on foreigners by the regime to blame it on the Restoration forces. The authorities shall remain under the care of Bui warriors until after their mission.
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Cameroon forces are keeping to their promise of interrupting activities in Bui

Mbve – Kumbo 28-11-19
Cameroon military kept to their words as they stormed the Kumbo main market Mbve firing as the population ran to safety : Their promise to terrorize the population continues:

Meanwhile the 3 UN vehicles to Kumbo have been followed by La Rep forces. Some say they followed the UN officials without their knowledge, others say the regime is claiming to provide security: The Bui population are waiting to see the drama while the warriors are facing more battles from many fronts : Pray for Bui as we still can not decipher why the military keeps attacking the county on daily basis : Scandy media Intel

At least 6 civilians have been killed in Mbiame without counting Cameroon military casualties within 48 hours of their attack on the population

Mbiame Evil forest 26-11-19

It is no longer news that the CPDM elites from Mbiame residing in Yaoundé and especially those in The North of Cameroon precisely Ngoundere have been a source of misery to the Mbiame population inflicting pain on their own citizens not only sending military forces but assisting them to penetrate Mbiame through roads known only to Locals.

This barbarism has been going for at least 2 years now but recently intensified as military back up is often requested through Kumbo while majority of the forces come in from the West Region through Lip. We are reminded of some civilians taken out of the mosque with the network of these elites and the outcome:

So far at least 6 civilians have lost their lives on this useless and senseless war declared by President Biya on southern Cameroons. Despite these civilian loss and uncountable property damaged, military casualties are high and one begin to wonder why a conflict that can only be resolved through dialogue keeps wasting lives.

Yesterday we received a report that paints the picture of the ongoing genocide in Mbiame and are pleased to share :

“Accept warm greetings from mbiame evil forest.
We Wish to draw the attention of each and everyone that lrv terrorists launched a multiple attacks on the population of mbiame for close to 48hours.
It all started on Saturday 23rd at exactly 5:00am Amba time when they invaded Reeh village In their usual attempt to break into people’s houses for looting, rapping, torturing and killing of unarmed civilians. Thank God the mbiame evil forces stood their grounds and defended the population till the last man standing.
Seven terrorists were neutralised and many wounded forcing them to retreat. They brutally killed one civilian as they shamefully return to their base in Rifem.
At around 2:00pm another group of more than 300 invaded lip from Foumban. The boys again launched a deathly offensive against them at the bridge sending them back to Sarahka in neighbouring la republic village. At around 5pm their reinforcement came from kutaba. They successfully broke through our resistance at the bridge with the use of explosives and other deathly weapons but met their Waterloo at mangori where at least 30 of them were deleted and Many wounded forcing them to retreat with the speed of light.
We lost three of our compariots and four civilians in all these battles. May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace.
Reporting from mbiame evil forest. Stay tuned.”